Phil Schlein, Chairman

Former CEO of Macy’s & USVP Partner

"I’m very excited about Mavatar…It’s a major breakthrough in the industry."

Jeff Clarke

CEO of Kodak

"Kodak's team has been very impressed by Mavatar's original concept of real-time shopping of the content people consume, not just online but in print and video. The possibilities with Mavatar are unlimited and extremely attractive to any content provider."

Bill Fernandez, Apple Computer's first employee

User interface architect & inventor

"Mavatar is the Amazon of name brand retailers"

Paul Deneve, VP at Apple

Former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, LANVIN and Nina Ricci

"Great founders, interesting product and market idea."

Steve Westly

Former CFO & State Controller of California, Senior VP of eBay

"Mavatar processes data for consumers to become smarter about retailers' offerings when most of the tools out there are making retailers smarter about consumers."

Chris Kelly

Former CPO of Facebook

"There’s this incredible potential here to transform commerce the way we’re transforming other online interactions. Mavatar is a leader in this space and I’m excited to be involved in it."

Bob Michaelian

President of Connexity Commerce Division, Senior VP of Consumer Product,

"It's a super interesting concept. I think the vision and problems you are trying to solve for retailers are extremely innovative."

Jerry Socol

Former CEO of Filene’s

"I am an experienced retailer who has run 5 companies and I very much believe in what they are doing."

Lizzie Bermudez

Emmy Award-Winning TV Personality, Multimedia Mom & Founder of

"I shared my "Moms birthday" mCart with my sister so we could choose a gift for my mom. We were able to shop online together and trade ideas through the mCart. I'm definitely using this for Christmas shopping!"

Debra Langley

CEO at Inverted Edge Pte Ltd

Former President - DKNY JEANS International, Club 21 Pte Ltd

"The people at Mavatar truly understand the way women shop online - that we shop across lots of different sites: big ones and small ones - and that the process of discovery is part of the whole experience for us, whether it's finding an interesting piece or a discount on a coveted item. Mavatar captures all that and tracks it in an engaging way, so how could we not want to shop more?"

Maya Alexx

Elite Model

"I can leave things in my mCart for weeks, and every time I go back, I see the current price. Its a great way to keep track of things that go on sale."

Rachel Ross

Fashion Blogger and featured mCart influencer

"When I connected with the people behind mCart it was like I had died and gone to online shopping heaven! It has changed the game of online shopping for me and I can guarantee you will love it too!"

Melissa Gigants

Fashion Blogger and featured mCart influencer

"How could I not be a part of something as genius as mCart? How can you not be when I’m already doing the work of finding you the best pieces and putting them all together in a cozy, little place where you can just pop in and automatically receive the best possible price for your products on the web?! Easy, easy, easy!"

Rachel Sizemore

Fashion Blogger and featured mCart influencer

"mCart makes it easy to shop your favorite bloggers looks conveniently!"

Stephanie Pernas

Personal Stylist and Founder of “A Sparkle Factor LLC” and featured mCart influencer

"mCart is an online shopping platform/app that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (well, your shopping life, at least!)"

Lawrence Cole

Published Author and Marketing Consultant

"Even if a woman can’t afford that $2,000 gown, she can boast to her friends that she found the best discount."

Marina Mendez

Lifestyle blogger and featured mCart influencer

"It makes shopping on a budget pretty simple (I’m looking at you, college kids)."

Emma Finlayson

Mom blogger and featured mCart influencer

"I am obsessed with this idea- who wants to spend hours searching for coupon codes???"

Ashley Mckernan

Editor and journalist for “Fashionotes"

"mCart is revolutionizing the online shopping industry, with one of the most ingenious new e-commerce ideas to hit the market in recent years."

Bill Robinson

Technology, Entrepreneurship & Rock 'n Roll Journalist

"Ladies: Let’s imagine you’re shopping for a new pair of $1,000 Manolo Blahnik shoes, which you’re treating yourself to because you normally wouldn’t be able to afford them. This is a very special purchase for you."

Mandy Gragg

Fitness/Beauty blogger and featured Mavatar influencer

"Genius, and amazingly addicting. Do it."

Justin Hasselbach

Fashion blogger and featured mCart influencer

"The greatest attribute of the program is that as a shopper you can keep your must have pieces in “collections” and watch them as they become subject to discounts. When the perfect deal is available then they can be purchased saving you some much needed cash."

Jessica H.

Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional

"Comparing items from different stores side by side is so convenient, and much easier than going between tabs."

Amin Y., PhD

Candidate of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo

"I'm a deal hunter so it's amazing that this finds the right coupons for the specific product I'm buying. Do you know how many hours I spend looking for them online?"

Mehak D.

Technical Advisor for Intellectual Property Matters

"I feel like I am in front of a slot machine and am waiting for my lucky number to come out. When I find savings, its like I won! It definitely optimizes the shopping experience."

Laleh Masnavi

Technical Marketing and Sales Professional

"Simply a genius creation!"