mCart Next-Gen Shopping Cart

At the heart of the mCart platform is the smart shopping cart. We have designed what may be the world’s greatest online shopping cart. The mCart smart shopping cart complements the omnichannel marketplace and blockchain affiliate sales platform to create the next generation of e-commerce and asset monetization software.

The mCart Next-Gen Shopping Cart features includes:

  1. Full shareability across social media, QR codes for the physical world, and web plugin
  2. Connection to original content to bring users from your mCart to content
  3. Publisher to add text descriptions and photos to your mCart
  4. Lookalikes & promos automatically applied to provide drive purchases
  5. Multi-retailer checkout for top 500 retailers
  6. Omnichannel options to buy online or communicate with in-store salespeople

An mCart in Action

Shop my FX Group mCart
mCart QR code

Shop the mCart by scanning the QR code or clicking this link.

mCart Shopping Cart Features

Share mCarts across social media, online via link and web plug in, and QR code for posting anywhere.

mCart sharing options
Grammys mCart poster

Connect mCarts to original content so you’re audience can shop it or discover their content from shopping.

Contextualize mCarts by adding a photo to it and writing a description about how its items relate to the content it supports.

Drake mCart Dress to the 6
mCart marketplace product lookalikes

Lookalikes & Promos are automatically generated for products, providing context that drives purchases.

Multi-retailer checkout lets shoppers easily shop from the Fortune 500 retailers like Walmart, Zara and Forever 21 on the mCart marketplace.

multi-retailer checkout
location request

Omnichannel options let shoppers communicate with in-store salespeople to coordinate pickup or trying on the items. Or check out online using mCart’s integration with retailers’ ecommerce engines.

Fill out this application if you would like a demo: