Unite Physical & Digital Commerce

The mCart Shop-able Wall

The Shop-able Wall closes the gap between online & offline shopping, sales & advertising. 


The mCart Shop-able Wall Unites Physical and Digital Commerce

The mCart Shop-able Wall is a turnkey software solution for interactive displays that turns the entire inventory of retail centers like malls and airports into a giant omnichannel vending machine.

Operators deploy Shop-able Walls at key points around their retail environment and consumers can browse the retailers’ inventories, create smart omnichannel shopping carts, and use those smart carts to buy with online delivery and in-store pickup.

Shoppers can also carry their carts from the Shop-able Wall to their mobile devices with a complementary mCart marketplace, featuring the same omnichannel purchasing options.

The operators of retail centers like malls and airports increase traffic to the retailers and get a commission on all transactions passing through the Shop-able Wall. The Shop-able Wall converts retail centers from a solely offline destination to a full-blown phygital marketplace, with the center's administration acting as the marketplace operator.

Seamless Integration with mCart ecosystem

The Shop-able Wall integrates seamlessly with the mCart PaaS. Shoppers carry their mCarts from the Shop-able Wall to their personal devices, where they can continue their shopping journey on the marketplace operator’s mobile-optimized mCart marketplace.


A Sharp STAR is born

Mavatar has joined Sharp Electronics’ Strategic Technology Alliance Resource (STAR) to bring the Shop-able Wall to the world. mCart Shop-able Walls will appear on Sharp’s 70” PN-L705H Ultra-HD interactive touch screen displays at major trade shows in 2019.

Shop-able Wall at DSE

The mCart Shop-able Wall at Sharp’s booth at the Digital Signage Expo 2019

Sharp and Mavatar are working together to position the mCart Shop-able Wall as a turn-key solution (vending machine for shopping). The Shop-able Wall on Sharp displays is perfect for malls, airports, promenades, hotels and other public places.

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