Omnichannel Sales Portal

The mCart Omnichannel Sales Portal connects retailers to the mCart ecosystem. It provides retailers a 360-degree snapshot of all their operations across all mCart omnichannel marketplaces. Retailers can also use the Omnichannel Sales Portal to communicate directly with their customers.

The Omnichannel Sales Portal brings superior data and customer communication capacity. They can use this software to focus on the channels that are actually working, save marketing dollars, and build stronger customer relations. mCart keeps major retailers competitive with ecommerce by giving the tools to provide a superior omnichannel experience.


mCart Omnichannel Sales Portal Features

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Sales Snapshot

Get an overview of all your sales across all mCart marketplaces. See the channels driving conversions and which influencers are bringing in the most revenue for you.

Salesperson Dashboard

Your salespeople get a dashboard that they can use to communicate directly with customers to discuss products, coordinate pickup and trying on, and provide real time promotions.

Superior Influence Marketing

Get an influencer sales force for your products, and only pay out affiliate commission when a sale occurs via transparent and automatic blockchain smart contracts. The marketplace operator recruits micro, macro, and mega influencers to act as your sales force. Sit back as omnichannel sales roll in.

Personalized Promos

Drive traffic with the mCart personalized promo generator. Pull customers to specific locations and to buy particular products. Build customer loyalty with a personalized experience.

Join New Marketplaces

Negotiate blockchain smart contracts with marketplace operators via a offer-counter offer process. Decide on affiliate sales commission to be automatically paid out to the marketplace operator and influencers for every sale.

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