Creating a new affiliate sales with blockchain

mCart Affiliate Sales Platform-as-a-Service

mCart's blockchain affiliate sales system corrects the broken and opaque models that currently dominate affiliate marketing.

mCart Is a Better System for Affiliate Sales

mCart has created a superior ecosystem for affiliate sales by leveraging blockchain smart contracts. mCart's blockchain smart contracts distribute sales commission directly from retailers to marketplace operators & influencers.

mCart's blockchain system fixes broken affiliate models by establishing smart contracts between retailers, marketplace operators, and influencers to fairly and instantaneously distribute affiliate sales commissions. mCart’s blockchain economics eliminate affiliate sales middle men (who often push sales to last-click hijackers like coupons & rebate sites) and drive down the back-office costs for retailers.

mCart attribution models are fully auditable and scalable, creating the next generation of affiliate sales and marketing platforms. By embedding the affiliate marketing system in the platform, mCart creates a fairer and more transparent affiliate sales ecosystem with far less back-office cost.


Deliver affiliate payments directly to the influencers and marketplace operators driving sales.

mCart benefits over affiliate networks:

  • No administrative fees
  • Work directly with influencers
  • Better data

Marketplace Operators

Receive commission for every sale happening on the omnichannel marketplace from retailers according to blockchain smart contracts.

mCart benefits:

  • Monetize influence on sales
  • Take on influencers as a new sales force
  • In-depth customer data


Get fairly and transparently compensated for influence

mCart benefits over affiliate networks:

  • ‘No administrative fees
  • No last click hijackers
  • Instant payment

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