New Userbase Monetization

Technology Platforms

mCart makes it possible to monetize your tech platform using an affiliate sales marketplace. Deploy your mCart marketplace with your platform to turn your users into buyers while you get commission.

Benefits of mCart for Tech Platforms Include:

Relationship Monetization

Tap into the vast potential of omnichannel commerce. mCart lets you establish your own omnichannel marketplaces and partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers to monetize your user relationships by making it shop-able. 

Distributed Salesforce

All your users—from your aunt to the biggest pop stars and athletes—can make mCart smart shopping carts, promote them on social media and in content, and generate revenue for themselves and your organization via blockchain affiliate payments.

Influencers mCarts in marketplace
User-Friendly Experience

A user experience to match that of your platform. mCart has a state-of-the-art UX that matches that of your platform. mCart was built for easy use that drivers users to checkout. 

mcart access points
Full-Control Turnkey Solution

Control everything about your mCart marketplace using powerful yet intuitive controls. The platform is highly modular, meaning it can be customized to your needs with minimal engineering. 

mCart Sales Snapshot
Actionable Data & CRM

Get data about every step along the path to purchase to learn more about your supporters and what’s driving them to buy. Then put all that data to use with mCart’s AI-driven CRM.

mCart analytics

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