A Better Procurement Platform

Procurement Departments

mCart makes it easy to bring all your procurement suppliers onto one platform that your organization can use to buy more easily. Plus, additional features like affiliate sales and AI-driven data analytics create an unmatched experience for your organization and your suppliers.

Benefits of mCart for Procurement Departments Include:

Easy Onboarding & Processing

Onboarding is easy. Aggregate all your vendors and their inventories on your marketplace with a streamlined system. Then drive down processing costs for your purchases with a centralized, easy-to-use marketplace that monitors controls and compliance while generating, savings and revenue for your organization.

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Affordable Affiliate Marketplace

Your vendors often pay Amazon over 40% of their sales. They will be eager to work directly with your marketplace when you charge them a more reasonable affiliate fee and extend your marketplace to your employees’ families and friends to gain commission on their purchases.

Adding products to mCart
User-Friendly Experience

Procurement software doesn't have to be a hard-to-use and unattractive dinosaur. mCart has a modern UI that employees actually want to use, so no more bureaucratic burden of processing employees purchases from third-party vendors.

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Full-Control Turnkey Solution

Control everything about your mCart marketplace using powerful yet intuitive controls. The platform is highly modular, meaning it can be customized to your needs with minimal engineering.

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Actionable Data & CRM

Get data about every step along the path to purchase to learn more about your customers and what’s driving them to buy. Then put all that data to use with mCart’s AI-driven CRM.

mCart analytics

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