Make Your Cause Shop-able

Nonprofit Organizations

mCart provides a valuable new fundraising tool for turning your supporters into a distributed fundraising force.

Benefits of mCart for NonProfits Include: 

Cart for Cause

All money raised on your mCart platform goes directly to your cause. The money you as a marketplace operator and supporters raise through affiliate sales commissions on purchases goes right to the cause most important to your organization and your supporters.

Causes funded through mCart
Content Monetization

Tap into the vast potential of omnichannel commerce to raise money for your org. mCart lets you establish your own omnichannel marketplaces and partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers to monetize the digital, video and print content you’re already creating by making it shop-able. All that money can go to sustaining your organization and helping your cause.

Distributed Fundraising Force

All your supporters—from your aunt to the biggest pop stars and athletes—can make mCart smart shopping carts, promote them on social media and in content, and seamlessly raise money for your cause via blockchain affiliate sales payments.

Influencers mCarts in marketplace
Shop in Real-World Context

Set up mCart Shop-able Walls on Sharp interactive displays to create a virtual gift shop for your fundraising events with in-person and online buying options. Event participants take the experience home by sending their carts to their phone, share with others or communicate with on-site salespeople. All commissions go right to your cause.

Shop-able Wall at DSE
Full-Control Turnkey Solution

Control everything about your mCart marketplace using powerful yet intuitive controls. The platform is highly modular, meaning it can be customized to your needs with minimal engineering.

mCart Sales Snapshot
Actionable Data & CRM

Get data about every step along the path to purchase to learn more about your customers and what’s driving them to buy. Then put all that data to use with mCart’s AI-driven CRM.

mCart analytics

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