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Media & Agencies

Media companies and agencies can establish their own white-label mCart marketplaces to connect their content to curated mCarts filled with products related to that content. mCart acts as a content monetization platform, turning all content into a shopping opportunity.

Benefits of mCart for Media & Agencies Include:

Content Monetization

Tap into the vast potential of omnichannel commerce. mCart lets you establish your own omnichannel marketplaces and partnerships with Fortune 500 retailers to monetize the digital, video and print content you’re already creating by making it shop-able.

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User Acquisition

In mCart marketplaces, content sells products and products sell content! Every mCart is linked to original content. mCart marketplaces converge media and commerce, centralizing your entire content base from social and/or mainstream in one location.

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Advertiser Retention

Use mCart to track every banner, billboard, commercial, infomercial, and advertisement campaign to sales dollars. Keep your advertisers on board by proving the ROI of their TV, print, and digital media advertising.

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Influencer Salesforce

Your original content is influencing articles, blogs, and social posts, and their creators can commercially exploit it without giving you a penny. mCart allows those creators to be part of your team and get paid without any back-office accounting through a digital wallet on blockchain.

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Full Control Turnkey Solution

Control everything about your mCart marketplace using powerful yet intuitive controls. The platform is highly modular, meaning it can be customized to your needs with minimal engineering.

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Actionable Data & CRM

Get data about every step along the path to purchase to learn more about your customers and what’s driving them to buy. Then put all that data to use with mCart’s AI-driven CRM.

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Social Media Centralization & Monetization

mCarts are integrated with all major social media platforms, letting you monetize your brand’s social influence on consumers.

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