About Us

Mavatar is making the whole world shop-able!

Our Mission

Mavatar’s mission is to make the whole world shop-able with its mCart C-Commerce platform-as-a-service. The mCart platform was built to serve the needs of omnichannel shoppers. At the same time mCart reinvigorates brick & mortar retailers, provides a new affiliate sales revenue stream to marketplace operators, and fairly compensates influencers driving sales. Everyone wins with mCart.

mCart brings unprecedented efficiency to the entire commerce ecosystem. mCart is closing the gap between offline & online shopping, sales and advertising.

mCart ecosystem wheel

The mCart System

  1. Shoppers find content online and in real-world contexts that is seamlessly linked to shop-able content on mCart marketplaces. They receive the best price and a full suite of omnichannel buying options.
  2. Influencers link their content to curated shopping carts in mCart marketplaces. For every sale coming from the content, the influencers are fairly compensated and can track the data, reinventing affiliate sales.
  3. Retailers gain a valuable new sales channel. Using mCart’s retailer dashboard, retailers build relationships with shoppers using coupons & promos while gathering valuable actionable insights about the entire path to purchase.
  4. Marketplace Operators create their own customized mCart marketplaces to monetize the influence that their assets have on sales. They get a valuable new affiliate sales revenue stream & actionable data about their users.

Why Call It mCart?

The mCart and is symbol of control—control over MY shopping experience, MY needs, ME, MINE.  mCart takes a consumer-centric approach to advertising to burst through the targeted advertising industry's Filter Bubble. mCart puts ME—the consumer—in charge!

Why mCart?

MAVATAR TECHNOLOGIES INC, is a privately held company located in Silicon Valley and founded in 2011.

After three decades in the media and advertising world, Mavatar co-founder Susan Akbarpour had an “aha” moment about challenging ineffective Internet business models while attending Stanford GSB. Co-founder Panos Papadimitriou (Stanford CS Ph.D.) and her started working on creating a consumer-centric universal (personal) shopping cart out of InfoLabs. Later on, Oracle e-business platform VP Brom Mahbod (another CS Ph.D.) joined as the third co-founder.

Today, Mavatar’s world-class team has developed that IMPOSSIBLE store agnostic shopping cart, and so much more. We have expanded that preliminary vision into the next-gen mCart platform-as-a-service. mCart runs on over 200 APIs to create branded, large-scale & omnichannel marketplaces and user-generated advertising as-a-service. The mCart PaaS can truly make the whole world shop-able.

Mavatar is backed by leading CXOs of Facebook, Ebay, Apple, YSL, Oracle, Macy's, Stanford GSB and more.