Black and White and Fab All Over

May 29th, 2015 by


Go for a cool crisp look that will carry over into fall with black and white options for summer. In a sea of tropical hues and floral prints, stark black and white looks chic but still in tune with the season.

Black and White Trend

Why is black and white one of the predominant fashion trends for 2015? It’s easy and looks pulled-together but still approachable. These are always the trends that take off first. Black and white on one garment also creates a pop that’s comfortable for most of us to wear — even if we aren’t used to wearing color or prints. A print top, skirt or shoes is enough to elevate the items you already have in your closet.

Black and white midi skirt. This is a smart buy that is sure to work for fall with a long-sleeved shirt, tights and ankle boots.

Black and white shoes. We love shoes that work black and white into the mix because they create a fashion-forward look for a simple look like a shift dress or a boatneck top and skinny jeans.

Black and white swimsuit. Who can resist a sleek swimsuit in B&W?

Cool Down With a New Green Summer Smoothie Recipe

May 27th, 2015 by


The heat is on and while we still want to eat and drink well, a daily smoothie is key for getting in vitamins and minerals. This new green summer smoothie recipe is refreshing and cool, but still packed with greens, making it the best of both worlds. Ditch the standard green smoothie for this green summer smoothie to avoid burn out on green juices and smoothies. GHVHVDN13834492


— A handful of spinach or kale.

— Half a handful of mint leaves.

— A handful of frozen mango chunks.

— A handful of frozen pineapple chunks.

— 8 oz. of coconut water.


Like all other smoothies, throw it all in a blender and let it do the work for you! The result is an icy cool smoothie that is bright green, but packed with tropical fruit flavor topped with a hint of mint. This smoothie keeps well overnight, so feel free to make it at night and put it in a to-go container for your morning commute. Several of the best blenders in our Cart come with to-go cups for easy travel with this tropical smoothie.

5 Fashion Documentaries Streaming Right Now

May 24th, 2015 by


If you’re looking to snuggle up this long weekend, we’ve got a round-up of five fashion documentaries on Netflix.

Packed with footage from behind-the-scenes at New York fashion week to interviews with heavy hitters like Donna Karan, Manolo Blahnik and Anna Wintour, you’ll enjoy downtime that gives you the skinny on the industry you love.  All of the fashion films featured in our list are available for streaming on Netflix right now.

The Tents (2010) – From 1994 until 2010, New York fashion week took place at ‘the tents.’ This is where New York fashion week became the entity we know now even if the events have been moved to another venue. Learn how the event evolved into an amazing fashion fete with some of the personalities that have been part NYFW for years like Fern Mallis and Hilary Rhoda. P.S. The soundtrack for The Tents also makes a brilliant party playlist!

God Save My Shoes (2011) – Are you a shoe girl? Us too. God Save My Shoes packs plenty of interviews with shoe designers, fashion editors and shoe lovers into one fab documentary that tells you just why so many of us see shoes as the ultimate fashion pick-me-up. Interviews include Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, so you’re in for a treat on the art of stellar shoe design. If you’re a fan of Dita Von Teese’s killer Louboutin collection, you’ll be glad to know she’s also featured in the film.

Anna Wintour: Bloomgberg Game Changers (2011) – For all of the rumors that swirl on how fashion’s godmother runs her ship, this episode of Bloomberg Game Changers gives us an inside look at Anna Wintour. While Wintour herself isn’t in the documentary, there are interviews with fashion publishers and friends who’ve known her pre-Vogue. She’s smart, driven and after decades in the biz, well aware of how technology is changing the way consumers browse and shop.

Valentino, The Last Emperor (2008) – You know him as Valentino, but you may not know how the designer (who’s synonymous with red dresses) claimed his place in fashion. The documentary covers preparation for Valentino’s final haute couture show. This is a must-see for anyone who wants a peek at the process of haute couture design and how they come to life with a skilled team.

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)The New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham has been covering street fashion since before the term ‘blogger’ entered the lexicon. The man has every story and photo tucked into file cabinets in his studio apartment in Manhattan and this documentary (maybe our favorite on the list) follows Cunningham as he adjusts to the changes of photography and new media.

The Trendiest Shoe: Flatforms

May 22nd, 2015 by


Flatforms. You might love the look, but in your heart of hearts, you know they’re a fleeting trend that may not be on the radar this time next year. Because of this, be smart about the purchase and snag flatforms for a steal this weekend. There are many Memorial Day sales happening at our supported stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and Forever 21 — you’re bound to find a pair of the trendiest shoe this season.

Why do we love flatforms?
They elevate the usual look. A loose T-shirt and skinny jeans with flatforms looks hip, modern and works for most casual events like a backyard get-together, hitting up a flea market with friends or heading to the movies.

Can I dress flatforms up?
Of course! Contrast flatforms with a fit-and-flared dress for a brunch date or add a silky romper for a chic look that works rooftop for drinks.

Are flatforms comfortable?
Definitely. Flatforms that are two inches or less are actually quite easy to walk in and support the feet enough for a long duration of walking, whether you’re at a music festival or the amusement park. That’s one reason we want more than one pair for summer and our Cart is stocked with affordable flatforms that will give you the look you want without breaking the bank.

50 Beauty Goodies To Add Color

May 20th, 2015 by


The best bright color beauty products are super simple to use and stay put in humidity and high heat. We know everyone’s makeup routine needs a little color for summer, but you never want it to be fussy or too time consuming to pull off. That’s why we’ve curated a Cart of over 50 bright color beauty products that are a breeze to use day and night.

Bright eyeliner. This is one of our favorite ways to add color to the face. Whether you are wearing self-tanner or going nuts with highlighter on the cheeks, a shot of color on the lower lash line looks perfect for any summer day. We love teal, orange or lavender.

Alternating nail color. Minimalist nail art is where it’s at, so try rainbow nails with one bold hue and one neutral.

Jelly nail polish. A wash of bright color on the nails looks chic and appropriate for the season with a watercolor effect.

Mega bright blush. A cotton candy pink or saturated coral is a great way to add color to the face. With waterproof mascara and lip gloss, it’s just enough say summer.

Neon lips. Neon pink is surprisingly flattering on every skin tone and adds drama to the face without looking overdone.

Road Trip Essentials

May 18th, 2015 by


You’re headed out on the open road for an adventurous time with your buds, but what to pack? You want to be comfortable and casual for a road trip with the occasional maxi dress in case a night of dinner and dancing strikes.

Dress for comfort. Cramped in a car for long hours or trekking it to a historical landmark for an Insta-worthy moment means dressing for comfort. You want to be able to move around easily and confidently without worrying. Opt for cotton, lightweight denim and jersey blend fabrics for ease and mobility on any road trip.

Pack light. No one wants to be the girl with three suitcases for a week long trip. Pack light by choosing pieces that easily mix and match and can easily air out. If you’re doing a serious road trip that spans a week or longer, you should also opt for fabrics that dry quickly like gauze and lightweight poly blends. If you have to wash and rinse in a sink, these fabrics will be ready to pack up in six hours after you lay flight to dry.

Something to cover up. It’s summer, but if you’re in the Northeast or the deserts of the Southwest, it can get nippy last at night. Be sure to pack a lightweight cardigan (linen cotton works well) or a summer scarf or shawl to offer coverage at the shoulders if needed.

Rompers and jumpsuits. Talk about a one-piece wonder. Rompers and jumpsuits are ideal for road trips because they make for light packing. Add a thin cardigan or shawl if it cools down at night and wear it over your swimsuit in the day.

Fluid shorts. Another easy piece to pack and super comfy for enjoying tunes with your friends.

Flat shoes. You do not know the terrain where you’re headed. The chunky, orthopedic sandals everyone is loving right now are actually ideal for road trips since you can slip them off and on with ease, and most have rubber soles. Skate sneakers are perfect for the same reason.

Sunglasses you love. They’ll be your BFF for the duration of the road trip, so choose classic aviators or wayfarers, or the sassy new mega-embellished sunnies making the rounds for a picture-perfect look every time you post an update.

A bright lip. Your beauty routine should be no-fuss for a road trip, but a bright lip never hurt anyone. A top knot and coral lip takes a cotton maxi from basic to casual chic without making extra stuff.

Plenty of hair bands and bobby pins. Road trip hair must be tamed at times. No matter how much you love the bedhead look, there will come a time when you want to pull it back. Be sure to load up on hair bands and bobby pins to keep things in place.

Dry shampoo. Since you don’t have to worry about checking a bag, go for a full-size dry shampoo and plan to share. It will be your most-used item by the end of the trip, trust us.

May is Gold Month

May 15th, 2015 by


Did you know May is gold month? Because of this “holiday,” it’s prime time to snag gold-plated and solid gold pieces from trusted retailers. Many stores are running promotions on gold jewelry right now, so check out our Cart for a peek at the best gold jewelry available right now.

How to Buy Gold Jewelry

Gold is timeless, which is why it’s such a great investment both style-wise and dollar-wise. You will never lose your money with gold and you have the ability to melt it into a new piece or sell it at price not too far from what you originally paid.

Buy 14-18K gold for daily wear. 24K sounds glam, but it is incredibly soft and not durable enough for real-life use. 14-18K gold gives you that rich gold luster you’re after without sacrificing durability. This is especially true for watch bands and bracelets, which regularly bump against desks, drawers, computers and other bracelets.

Gold-filled vs. gold-plated jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry has some gold filling, but is not pure gold. It is typically thicker in weight and more durable than gold-plated jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry is comprised of a variety of metals inside. Gold-plated jewelry is a lower price than gold-filled because of this.

Gold-plated jewelry can affect allergies. If you are susceptible to allergies, some gold-plated jewelry can be plated so thin the underlying metals affect the skin even though the jewelry piece is plated. There is no way to know how much gold is used for gold-plated jewelry, so items branded this can have varying effects. Keep your receipt and buy from a store with a solid return policy if you are typically sensitive to certain metals.

Modern Wedding Guest Dress Code

May 14th, 2015 by

The modern wedding guest dress code has come a long way baby! Forget the rules you thought you knew and abide by the new wedding dress code that will ensure you’re occasion-appropriate.

Do wear a dress that fits the vibe of the wedding. Most weddings designate the style in the invite. If not, use the venue as your guide. Is it a destination wedding? The frothy maxi you already own works fine. Is it a black tie affair that goes into the wee hours of dancing at a five star hotel? Shop for a full length gown that fits like a glove and is easy to move around in.

Do wear black to a wedding. Unless it is a very traditional or religious event that does not allow black, black is perfectly acceptable at 90% of weddings. In doubt? Ask someone close to the bride such as her sister or maid of honor. A sleek black dress can work for almost any wedding with the right accessories. Outdoor at 6 p.m.? Add a gold clutch and wedges. Indoors at 4 p.m.? Opt for silver angular jewelry and silver strappy sandals.

Don’t wear white or ivory. Unless it is specified by the bride (see: every Kardashian wedding), avoid white, ivory, ecru and every other incarnation of the shade commonly worn by brides. Some brides accept white, some don’t — don’t risk putting yourself in a weird situation just for an outfit.

Do go with an outfit other than a dress. Jumpsuits, a jacket and skirt, wide leg pants — the options are endless for looking dressed-up and stylish these days, so don’t push yourself into a dress if you want to wear something else.

Do be careful with shoes. Many couples are opting for outdoor weddings. You never know what the seating situation will be, so opt for wedges or stacked heel flats which play well with grass.

8 Tips For Selecting Outdoor Furniture

May 12th, 2015 by


Taking the party outdoor is what it’s all about for summer and having the right outdoor furniture lets you entertain in style.

There are tons of outdoor furniture pieces these days at various price points. Don’t be afraid to look for style in somewhat unlikely places either! Great design is more democratic than ever, which means the typical big box store just may have outdoor furniture pieces that rival a chic boutique for far less money.

1. Consider quality and durability first. Outdoor furniture sits outside and has to stand up to the elements. Be dollar smart by looking for solid, high quality outdoor furniture that doesn’t feel too lightweight or flimsy.

2. Consider the materials. Unless you want to cover the outdoor furniture after every use, look for upholstered fabric that can wipe clean or be towel-dried in the event of rain.

3. Consider what type of outdoor furniture you need. A lightweight plastic chair is rust-proof and can easily go from one side of the yard to the other. This chair is probably also easy to store in the garage or a shed, but understand it will not have the same durability as an iron lounge chaise. Consider who and how many you’ll entertain regularly to help determine the type of outdoor furniture that works best for your needs.

4. Don’t go for skimpy. Many chairs made of hefty materials like steel or iron are skimpy when it comes to size. Not only will this clash with any high quality furniture in your outdoor furniture, it will likely be uncomfortable for your family and guests.

5. Make a list of what you need. There’s no need for GoogleSketchup, but a rudimentary layout of the yard and what pieces you’ll need creates a solid starting point for shopping for outdoor furniture.

6. Shade matters. If you don’t have shaded area in your yard, look at the many umbrellas and awnings available. These are great for areas where you plan to serve food and want to deter bugs.

7. Drop leaf tables are versatile. If you go from hanging out with your four-person family every weekend to monthly parties with the entire neighborhood over at your house, the drop leaf tables expands to accommodate more people in seconds.

8. Look for poly-filled cushions. Poly-filled cushions don’t absorb moisture and dry faster after exposed to water, whether it’s from rain or someone’s bum post-pool.

Shop 100 One Piece Swimsuits Right Here

May 8th, 2015 by


Summer is around the corner and that means breaking out the swimwear. One-piece swimsuits that don’t resemble something your grandmother’s closet (though there are plenty of chic grandma’s out there!) have become more prevalent, but when shopping for a one-piece swimsuit we still have to wade through hideous floral prints, unflattering cuts and boring options that don’t make our cut. This year, Mavatar did the work for you and has a curated Cart of 100 one-piece swimsuits to feel fabulous this summer.

How To Buy a One-Piece Swimsuit Online

Am I confined to black?
No! We worked hard to source tons of swimsuits that aren’t black! Royal blue, bright purple, fun tropical prints and interesting straps helped update the usual designs we’re used to seeing for one-piece swimsuits.

Are black swimsuits boring?
No way! Black swimsuits are easy to wear and flattering, which is why so many women reach for a one-piece swimsuit in the dark hue. Who can blame them? That doesn’t mean black is boring. Look for cool straps, mesh inset and varying texture to amp up the standard black swimsuit.

How do I find a one-piece swimsuit with support?
This is a problem many women run into when swimsuit shopping. Look for a swimsuit that is designed with specific bra sizes in mind. We included several size-by-cup one-piece swimsuits in our Cart. Another options is to look for a high neck or halter-style neckline, which offer lift and security.

Over 50 Bridesmaids Dresses Under $100

May 6th, 2015 by

Do’s and Don’ts for Picking Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses


Do let the women select their own dresses. Choose a color or colorstory that fits the theme of your wedding. This allows each bridesmaid to buy a dress that fits her budget and flatters her figure. Can’t commit to one color? Go for an ombre effect with bridesmaids dresses by selecting pink or blue, which means women can choose any color in that family.

Do pre-select a hemline. If you are having a formal wedding and want the best pics possible, try to have bridesmaids stick with one dress length regardless of what silhouette they choose. This creates a uniform effect for photos and doesn’t make it look like everyone showed up in their own dress.

Don’t be afraid to style up. When selecting affordable bridesmaids dresses, you will meet a lot of casual fabrics including light woven materials and knit. Don’t be afraid to style these fabrics up by adding glam jewelry and metallic extras. Gold strappy sandals and dazzling chandelier earrings do everything to elevate the style of a basic jersey blend maxi dress.

Don’t skimp on undergarments. Because a lot of inexpensive dresses are very lightweight, make sure to select the right undergarments to smooth things out under the dress.

Do go for eyelet. Cotton eyelet looks chic for nearly every style of wedding. White eyelet dresses are easy to come by in the spring and summer months, so if you aren’t against others wearing white (it’s become a trend for sure!), consider this for a luxe look that is easy on your bridesmaids’ bank accounts.

Don’t get deterred if sizes are sold out. If a dress is on sale, it may be available in limited sizes online. Don’t fret! Most stores have a customer service number on their site. Call the number with your style number handy for information on sizes from store locations. Most can ship for free or a nominal fee.

Met Gala 2015 Dresses

May 5th, 2015 by


Last night the Met Gala celebrated China: Through the Looking Glass. Many celebs went for a literal interpretation of the theme (we’re looking at you SJP and Karolina Kurkova), while others used the opportunity as their grand fashion moment for the year.


Meta Gala Dresses

So what trends ruled the walk up the stairs last night?

Sheer details. Leave it up to Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to sport ultra sultry gowns with sheer detail for the ultimate naked illusion. Our Cart is packed with similar (though less racy!) gowns perfect for those who love to make a statement. J. Lo’s Versace gown was brilliant with her slicked-back hair and brick red lip.


Mixed media. Jennifer Lawrence did youthful fresh fashion with this chic mixed media dress from Dior. The look is unexpected, chic and felt easy going among a sea of outdated typical formalwear.


Ball gowns. An event as grand as the Met Gala deserves a sweeping skirt and Katie Holmes did it right in this sparkling Zac Posen gown. BTW, if you thought Katie’s new chopped ‘do looked like a wig — it was!


100 Gifts For Grads

May 4th, 2015 by


At the end of the month and into June many people are celebrating graduations for loved ones. Say you’re proud with a gift from our Cart packed with 100 gifts for grads! You will not find a better assortment of gifts for graduates all in one place anywhere else on the web.

The best gifts for graduates are right here in our Cart and Mavatar applies all coupon codes and free shipping offers automatically! It has never been so easy to peruse over 100 gifts in one spot to make your shopping experience easy as can be. Shop laptops, headphones, mattress pad, smoothie makers, comfortable shoes, backpacks and fitness gear in our Cart of 100 gifts for grads.

Shop The Best Gifts For Grads

Tablet. So much studying can be done on a tablet these days. If the grad is headed off to college or grad school, a tablet is a great investment that will let them make quick notes an dpull of up and send files when on the go.

Mattress covers. Make that dorm or on-campus apartment bed more comfy with the help of a mattress pad. Those with gussets are easy for grads to put on any bed and the quilting lets them get a good night’s rest after those lengthy study sessions.

Smoothie makers and blenders. Help them get the nutrition they need on a budget with a smoothie maker or blender. Many are aimed at individuals living on their own for simple use and cleanup. Include some of your favorite smoothie recipes of a website where the grad can find cool recipes to experiment with.

Comfortable shoes. If the next stop is a new school, the grad will need comfortable shoes to get around campus. There are classics like Birkenstocks and Tevas, which are a favorite for college kids on both coasts.

Fitness gear. Help the grad stay in shape with smart fitness gear like a Fitbit or Garmin watch. This helps them track what they eat, how they move and how they sleep so they can make improvements for optimal health and a sharp mind.

Editor Tips: Use Mavatar Widgets to Increase Traffic and Sales

May 2nd, 2015 by Mavatar Widgets

Last week we talked about how to choose and use the best photos for your blog and Mavatar Cart, and this week we will go all in about making the most out of Mavatar. You know the basic principle–items from your Carts get sold, you get paid–but you might not be too familiar with how to drive up those sales. The answer is simple: get more traffic to your Cart. Now you’ve been following these posts and reading all about SEO and keywords, all of which is essentially designed for more smart shoppers to find your Carts. It all seems complex and out of your hands, which is why this week we’ll be looking at how you can influence traffic to your Carts directly: through widgets.

Cart Widget

This is an individual interactive widget that you can add to your blog posts. I’ve added this widget above, but you can customize it with the number of products, columns, etc. This widget essentially lets your users see some of the products in your Cart, view the products directly from your page, and even go to view all your other Carts! You can add this widget when publishing a new Cart like you did the Mavatar Button! Simply customize your Widget and paste the HTML code to your blog.

Mavatar Connect Badge

Mavatar connect badge

In your Dashboard, you can find Mavatar Widgets you can use on your website/blog’s home page. To view them, go here.

One of the widgets is the Mavatar Connect Badge, which allows you to display that you are a Mavatar Featured Editor on your blog! It looks like the one above, and links to the Mavatar website. Simply get the code and paste it to your home page!

Mavatar Plugins

Social redSocial blackSocial white




Also in your Dashboard, there are Mavatar Plugin widgets. You can add these next to your other social media like Facebook and Twitter icons, and they will link your audience to your Mavatar page with all your Carts! You have the option of choosing between three colors, based on your preference and website style, but they perform the same function.

Add all three Mavatar widgets to increase your sales, and send more of your readers to the Mavatar Carts! Next week: Exploring the Editor Dashboard and Store Offers!

Beach Towels for the Entire Family

April 29th, 2015 by


To the beach! That’s what many of us will be saying in the next month or so. Kids will soon be out of school and that means entertaining them with fun (and affordable!) activities like going to the beach. Be sure everyone in the family has their designated beach towel whether you’re headed on a road trip or to the lake for the day.

Cool Beach Towels for Summer
Our Cart is packed with the largest selection of affordable beach towels anywhere on the web. Looking for beach towels to have at your pool? Check out the Moroccan-inspired prints and rich jewel tones in our Cart. Kids in tow? Who isn’t looking forward to the Avengers film hitting theaters this weekend? The minions are always high on little one’s list, which makes their beach towels a favorite for summer.

How to Care for Beach Towels
Remember to use colorfast bleach with beach towels to increase durability and wash ASAP after you get home or guests leave your pool. The longer chlorine or salt water sit on the towel, the more fibers break down leading to thin towels with less absorbency.

5 Tips For Lucite and Acrylic Furniture

April 28th, 2015 by


1. Cover as needed. Lucite and acrylic furniture can be delicate. They simply can’t take the wear and tear of leather or wood. To protect your furniture without throwing ’70s-style plastic covers over everything, just a throw or leather tray to cover the surface of a chair or coffee table. This gives you protection, but allows you to use the furniture as much as needed.

2. Clean Lucite and acrylic furniture regularly. The more often you clean, the more likely you are to spot scratches. When scratches are buffed out early on, they are easier to remove than scratches that sit for weeks on in. Make it a habit to wipe down furniture at least every other week.

3. Invest in a polishing kit. Polishing Lucite and acrylic furniture is a must to keep them in pristine condition. Make the small investment and increase the longevity in your pieces. Spot a Lucite or acrylic table at an estate sale or antique show? A polishing kit can breath new life into worn pieces.

4. Don’t go overboard. You don’t want a ghostly or see-thru space. Lucite and acrylic furniture work with traditional and modern furniture because they blend in. That said, you don’t want an entire room where everything is clear. Nesting tables, chairs and coffee tables are good starter points for Lucite and acrylic furniture.

5. Remember to play with style. Just because it’s clear, doesn’t mean it has to be contemporary. There are many traditional silhouettes done in Lucite and acrylic, which mix in well with shabby chic or classic home decor you may already own.

Snag Designer Shoes and Bags For Less (A Lot Less!)

April 27th, 2015 by


Save on Designer Leather Goods
We’re always thrilled to snag a deal which is why shopping with Mavatar is a must. Get designer shoes and bags for a lot less than retail. If there’s extra coupon codes or free shipping, Mavatar sources the codes for you. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with codes or all of those email offers when you have Mavatar on your side.

Shop the Cart
Check out our Cart full of designer shoes and bags. All are at least 40% off retail, which is a sizable discount. Let someone else retail — it won’t be us!

Sale Shopping is Better Than Ever
Because stores turn over inventory so fast, you don’t have to worry that what you buy on sale is “out” or part of last season’s collection. Trends overlap seasons, including all of the gladiator sandals, stacked heels and D’Orsay-style flats we’re seeing for spring and summer. Our Cart is chock full of the latest styles, colors and brands you will find for a lot more at other sites.

Editor Tips: How to Choose the Best Cart Photos

April 25th, 2015 by Editor-tips-mavatar

Last week, we talked about how to choose and use the right keywords for your Mavatar Carts and blog posts, and this week we’ll be discussing photos! Choosing the right photo might seem simple enough, but there’s more to it than you know. Read on to find out how to choose photos for your blog and Mavatar Carts, as well as how to make them optimized for search engines.

Taking the Best Photo

1. It’s all about lighting. This is the number one factor for taking fabulous photos for your blog. The more natural light, the better. If you are looking to invest in your blog, consider studio lights that bring plenty of white light to a space without washing you out. Lighting is also extremely important when choosing the photo for your Mavatar Cart, so take it into consideration even when the photo is not your own.

2. Learn to focus. If you are working with a DSLR, mastering the art of focus is essential. For those sticking with a device like iPhone or iPad, do your best to focus when taking the photo so there’s less doctoring of the photo, thus retaining the resolution. Try choosing higher resolution photos for your Mavatar Cart, as they will be more appealing to the users and your audience.

3. Relax your body. Love to post OOTDs? Relax your body and smile. We’re moving away from the big open-mouth smiles and overly-posed photos. We’re addicted to the ease of Olivia Lopez’s blog, Lust For Life, which has a natural chic vibe without the contrived poses.

4. Consider your background. The snapshot of a fashion blogger’s OOTD in front of a brick wall has been done. Shake things up by looking for new backgrounds in your area. Headed to a different neighborhood for lunch? Dress the part and take your camera because new interesting backdrops can lurk in the most unlikely places.

5. Juxtapose your accessories. If you take photos of your accessories or beauty products, don’t rely on showcasing them alone. Give them instant Insta-worthy appeal by mixing up the shot with a vase of flowers, succulents outside, a cup of coffee or a milkshake. People love pretty things paired together, so think outside of the box and don’t take a photo of your new NARS lipstick standing alone.


Optimizing Your Photos for Search Engines

And you thought SEO was only for keywords! In fact, search engines also take photos in consideration, so it’s important that they are optimized. Doing this is easy with alt text, or alternative text for images. This is essentially what the image is called when someone saves or downloads it, and search engines see this is just another keywords. All you have to do is change your image name on your computer before uploading it to your blog or Mavatar!

Since you already know how to use those, figuring out alt text is easy! Think of how you would describe the image to someone who wasn’t looking at it–what do you see? In addition, include the keyword you’ve chosen for your blog, and the name of your blog. If this is an image for a Mavatar Cart, include the word ‘Mavatar’ as well. Instead of spaces, make sure to use dashes: -.

So if you look at the above image, you see that it’s a photo of street style fashion, the article is about blog photo tips, and our blog is Mavatar. Therefore, when you try to save the image, you’ll see that the name is “street-style-fashion-blog-photo-tips-mavatar.”

Mavatar Carts Photo Tips

  • Never, ever leave your Mavatar Cart photo blank. Not only does this not look attractive to users, but search engines will have less chance of finding it.
  • Make sure that your photo matches the rest of your Cart.
  • Don’t forget to use alt text.
  • Find photos that high quality–street style photos always make the best Cart covers!
  • You can also use one of the products in your Cart as the photo–simply go to the product page, save the photo, change the alt text and upload!

Next week, read Editor Tips to use Mavatar widgets on your blog and get higher commission!

Chic Flats For Summer

April 22nd, 2015 by


Warm weather is looming, which means investing in new flats that look polished, but keep you cool and comfortable for summer. Chic flats for summer are at the top of our shopping list because shoes get plenty of use, making them a smart investment. Right now is prime time to buy because there are major sales happening at both Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s! Watch Mavatar magically add coupon codes to items in your Cart in seconds. Saks has 30% off almost everything and Bloomingdale’s is offering $25 nearly every purchase of $100 or more.

Sandals are great, but when you are exploring a new city (or trekking through yours), you want to keep feet clean and have some support. That’s where our Cart of flats comes into play. Check out our favorite picks for trendy flats that you can wear from now until September.

Mixed media flats. Look for colorblocking and a mix of materials on flats.

Espadrilles. Who doesn’t love an espadrille? Wear them with everything from cropped denim to linen pants and your swimsuit.

Pointed toe flats. This is a major trend that works for the office. Ditch the standard ballets in favor of pointed toe flats. D’Orsay silhouettes are especially stylish with slacks.

How to Shop For Investment Pieces

April 21st, 2015 by


We’re all about getting the most bang for your buck, but that doesn’t mean skimping on quality! The Mavatar way values both price and quality for any piece — whether it’s a flat iron, coat, shoes or a purse.

Go for simple shapes. Forget the trendy silhouettes of the season and go for simple shapes that flatter and work easily with your existing wardrobe. A tailored coat, a sheath dress, textured vest or slim pants are great go-to pieces that work for many occasions. There is nothing like a garment that fits perfectly and if you are spending money on an expensive piece (even if it’s on sale!), you want it to be a silhouette that works year after year.

Go for neutrals. When making an investment, opt for cream, black, gray, camel or navy. Most of us wear these colors season after season. The other plus about investing in neutral items? They are less noticeable when you repeat! If you have a stunning gray sheath dress and show up for multiple meetings wearing it, it is less noticeable than if the dress were lipstick red.

Choose everyday pieces. So many of us think it’s only a cocktail dress that’s worthy of spending money. Wrong! When you have an item you can wear every week (or more than once a week), you are making a smart buying decision. Blazers, pants, pencil skirts and sweaters are good places to start for investment pieces. These are items you’ll wear year after year and multiple times per month.

Know your fabrics. Does a high price tag always equal high quality? Definitely not. Pay attention to the content of the garment. Cashmere, wool, wool gabardine and silk are fabrics that can be woven many ways, making them appropriate for the season. Also remember wool and wool gabardine take less effort to care for than delicate materials like cashmere and silk.

Care for the items appropriately. Don’t spend the money then wuss out on caring for the item! Handwash or dry clean items as needed (you shouldn’t have to do it after every wear), and don’t underestimate the power of hang drying an item which can prolong its life.