6 Trends That Say Spring

March 27th, 2015 by image (32)

Which spring trends will help you update your entire wardrobe? This round-up is sure to breathe new life into what you wear.

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1. White. An eyelet top, hippie dress or white jeans — it’s all in for spring when it comes to the hue that makes you tote a Tide pen everywhere you go. Wearing all-white is easier than you think and looks fresh when done in body skimming silhouettes. See also: How To Keep White Clothes White

2. Gladiator sandals. They’re baaaack! Gladiator sandals are hot for spring and summer 2015 and we know why. They add texture and dimension to any outfit with zero effort. Invest in a flat pair that work with shorts or maxi dresses.

3. ’70s influences. From center parts to camel, whiskey, fringe and bell bottoms, all things ’70s are relevant right now. The key is to interpret the trend in a fresh way — not like you’re ready for a scene from Dazed and Confused. Opt for lightweight fabrics for a modern take and 1-2 trendy pieces per look. Go for a classic V-neck T-shirt with bell bottoms or plain slide sandals with a bell sleeve top and mini skirt to keep the look chic, not costume-worthy. See also: How To Buy Jeans That Fit Perfectly

4. Red. The color du jour was a favorite of fashion editors at the spring and fall shows, so it’s no wonder fashionistas are taking note. The best red? A true lipstick shade with blue undertones, which looks modern whether you opt for a chic cape or skinny slacks.

5. Undone hair. The spring 2015 runway shows showed off hair that was perfectly mussed. Get a similar effect by towel drying clean hair, then twisting hair into two loose buns with styling cream. Smooth out a few hours later with serum and you’re good to go. See also: Tips For Using Hair Texturizer

6. Barely-there makeup. Given the undone hair, barely-there makeup can be tricky to pull off without looking too unkempt. Even out skin with a color corrector, then focus on brows and glowing cheeks for a no-makeup look that rivals off-duty models. See also: Mastering The Look Of No-Makeup Makeup

35 Memorable Carrie Bradshaw Fashion Moments

March 25th, 2015 by image (34)

Happy Birthday SJP! In honor of Sarah Jessica Parker’s birthday, we’re celebrating with 35 Carrie Bradshaw outfits. They weren’t all picture perfect, but they all capture those memorable Sex & The City moments we loved.

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Who could forget the tutu that started it all?

It ended with tulle too.

What else would you wear to a giant outdoor market?

Carrying your own birthday cake home is always chic, no?

Partying in Day-Glo underwear.

Rainy day fabulous.

Too bad this look ends up drenched in water.

“The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t. But, in the end, they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.”

At the ballet.

Pizza after raw food fine dining.

She always goes back to this fur.

An apple in the Big Apple.

Before meeting Comic Book Lad.

Kissing Alanis.

In the Hamptons.

Is it just us or were Miranda and Carrie the closest of the bunch?

American girl in Paris.

Sulking never looked so good.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” – Oscar Wilde

“You’re never alone in New York! The city is your date!”

Carrie’s first date with Aidan.

“Children and women with emotional baggage first.”

Sensible shoes for Paris cobblestone streets, obv.

“Yet. I haven’t worn all of these clothes yet. Some day I will.”

Totally appropriate for brunch.

Carrie watches Sam delegate for the Sex & The City book party.

“She’s fashion road kill.” Heidi Klum ends up wearing this gown on the runway.

Bubblegum and fringe at the opera.

“I brought you a mulberry bush. You know, because the bar is on Mullberry street?”

Because what else would you wear to pop in on your ex-boyfriend’s soon-to-be ex-wife’s lunch?

“I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.”

Graphic tee + print pants = classic Carrie.

On the prowl for Aidan.

“I’m drunk! I’m drunk at Vogue!”

“You can’t leave New York! You’re like the Chrysler building!”

Happy National Puppy Day!

March 23rd, 2015 by Karlie-Kloss-dog-puppy-mavatar

Celebrate National Puppy Day with our Cart stocked with stuff for puppy lovers!

Always consider adopting a puppy when you want to add a furry friend to your life. Use The Shelter Project to find a shelter near your home where you can adopt a puppy.

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5 Facts About Adopting A Dog

1. In the U.S. and Canada 8 million pets enter shelters every year.

2. Only 1 out of 10 dogs at a shelter will find a permanent home.

3. 90% of dogs that enter a shelter are healthy and ready to adopt!

4. Dog owners are more active and less-stressed than non-dog owners.

5. The average age of a dog at the shelter is only 18 months.

Learn more interesting facts about shelter dogs and adopting a puppy over at Barkpost.

Shop Estate Jewelry at Neiman Marcus

March 22nd, 2015 by image (33)

For a limited time, you can shop estate jewelry at Neiman Marcus online. These one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are extremely limited, so shop now for the best selection.

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While there are many online outlets to shop estate jewelry, with Neiman Marcus you know you are choosing from an expert curated collection of high quality estate jewelry. No filler here!

Our Cart is comprised of some of the best items from the collection.There are some amazing pieces ranging from Deco era emeralds and Vicotrian brooches. When paying with your Neiman Marcus card, InCircle members earn triple points for anything purchased from the NM Estate Jewelry Collection through Sunday, March 29th.

Mini Bags Under $200

March 20th, 2015 by image (31)

The mini purse trend is all the rage! Petite, it’s perfect for carrying along with a tote for work or on its own when window shopping with your partner in crime. We rounded up our faves for under $200.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Mini Purses

Do wear your mini bag with casual looks. It adds a quirky element and instantly makes your look on trend, even if it’s just a T-shirt and jeans.

Do choose a mega bright mini bag. Canary yellow, cobalt or siren red are all great picks for this fun little addition.

Do opt for various fabrics or colors in one bag. It’s a small piece so don’t be afraid to play with texture or embellishments with a mini purse.

Don’t try to cram everything in your mini bag. The size will force you to downsize what you take along for the day. For most that will consist of your phone, lip product and wallet.

Do consider a card case. Your wallet likely will not fit in the mini bag. Opt for a card case, which can fit a few cards, your ID and some cash without weighing down your mini purse.

What To Wear Under Special Occasion Dresses

March 18th, 2015 by jessica-alba-red-carpet-prom-shapewear-mavatar

Prom, weddings and plenty of other special events are around the corner and the question remains: what to wear under special occasion dresses? How to buy shapewear stumps many women who want to look great at a special event, but aren’t familiar with Spanx, Yummie Tummie and other brands that have made getting things under control a breeze.

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What is the best strapless bra?
This depends on your bra size. If you’re a C cup or smaller, opt for the Sublime Plunge Strapless Bra, which offers support and separation. It creates a sculpted look perfect for most special occasion dresses. For those who are larger than a C cup, strapless bras begin and end with Le Mystere Sculptural Strapless Bra. Le Mystere supports from the band, which means it has no problem keeping larger cup sizes looking sleek for special occasions.

How do I choose shapewear?
Consider what you want to mask in your special occasion dress. To smooth the tummy opt for a high waist shapewear panty. The reinforced fabric at the waist pulls bulge in and smooths it out in the process. If you want to smooth your bum or thighs, think of shapewear that mimics the look of bike shorts. There are versions that hit mid-thigh or at the knee depending on the length of your dress.

What color shapewear do I buy?
You likely want to wear your shapewear more than once, which is why we suggest nude for any and all shapewear. You can easily wear nude under most black or dark special occasion dresses, but black shapewear isn’t as versatile.

33 Lightweight Sweaters For Warmer Weather

March 16th, 2015 by image (30)

Temperatures are finally rising thorughout the country and that means ditching the giant parks in lieu of lightweight sweaters. Lightweight woven sweaters still have the weight to keep your warm, but don’t make you feel like it’s still February.

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Try your lightweight sweater with:

Slim trousers. Add ankle boots and a bright mini crossbody bag and you’re set for a stylish casual look.

Midi skirt. It’s all about the midi skirt this spring. Add tights and ankle strap heels for a hip office look.

Jogger pants. Yes, we’re still in love with joggers for the obvious reasons (comfort). Add D’orsay-style flats or slide sneakers for a casual chic spin on your new sweater.

Happy National Jewelry Day!

March 13th, 2015 by beyonce-ring-jewelry-mavatar

It’s National Jewelry Day and we’re celebrating with a Cart packed with sparkly extras that can elevate any look.

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These days jewelry trends are all over the place, from delicate thin chains and subtle shine to chunky chains and mixed metals.

Buy high quality costume jewelry. No one wants jewelry that will break or crack within a few wearings. Instead, opt for high quality costume jewelry made of resin, enamel and crystals, which are typically constructed with durability in mind.

More is more right now. If you want to jump on the latest jewelry trends as illustrated by Beyonce above, remember more is more. Spring 2015 focused on piles of chunky rings, mega arm candy stacks and statement necklaces paired with a few delicate chains for serious impact with simple outfits.

3 Tips When Easter Shopping For Kids

March 12th, 2015 by image (29)
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1. Shop early. Especially when shopping online, it helps to shop early when Easter shopping for kids. This gives you time to ensure a garment fits and the child is comfortable when moving around.

2. Consider the occasion. Yes, we all swoon at pastel-colored dresses with big bows, but if your Easter involves the child running free in the yard with their dog and cousins, there’s no need to buy a big frilly dress.

3. Think of CPW. Cost per wear is a godsend when it comes to buying kids’ clothes because it lets you see whether an item is “worth” the price of admission before you buy. Now “worth” is a relative term for kids’ clothing since most kids grow out of clothes within a year (if not sooner). When it comes to the suits for toddlers or puffy dresses for six year-olds, think about other special occasions you have on the horizon this spring and summer. That $100 dress becomes $33.33 if worn three times and that’s well worth the price for a well-dressed kid that looks fabulous in photos you’ll have for years.

Zoolander returns to the runway

March 10th, 2015 by

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will reprise their roles for Zoolander 2, which hits theaters February 12, 2016. And what gets us talking about the new film before the Zoolander 2 trailer is released? Why, an appearance at Paris fashion week of course.

To get everyone buzzing about the sequel film nearly a year in advance, Paramont Studios parntered with Maison Valentino and had the two actors walk down the runway as their respective characters, Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

The lights come up and Don’t You Want Me Baby by The Human League is blaring as the crowd is surprised with the guest appearance from Zoolander and Hansel. After people start realizing it’s them, nearly everyone is on their feet cheering.

Flowers Rule For Prom 2015 Trends

March 9th, 2015 by naeem-khan-mavatar-prom

Coming out on top for prom 2015 trends are floral print gowns and dresses with 3D flowers. Color, texture and flowing shapes are perfect for creating an ethereal moment for prom. Our extensive Cart has the best selection of prom dresses for all sizes, including plus size prom dress and petite prom dress options!

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Look for classic shapes. A golden rule of fashion is anytime you’re going for trendy colors or patterns, stick with traditional shapes. A gown with a nipped waist and full or A-line skirt is a great canvas for rich floral accents.


Choose a simple color palette. A mix of 2-3 colors anchored by a neutral background is the way to go for floral patterns. Intimidated by prints? Look for a dress with various shades of the same hue, such as a gown that incorporates blush and magenta or baby blue and royal blue.

Tips For Using Hair Texturizer

March 5th, 2015 by michael-kors-sale-mavatar-hair

Textured hair made the rounds for the spring and fall runway shows, which is why we want the skinny on how to use hair texturizer ASAP.

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Who should use a hair texturizer?
Anyone who wants to add some grit or hold to their hair can use a texturizer. If you are styling a braid or updo, a lot of the time clean hair can be too slippery to hold the style. Overcome this by adding hair texturizer to the hair which will give it some grip and make it far easier to work with.

Can all hair types use a hair texturizer?
Definitely. Those with thick or coarse hair may want a paste or cream hair texturizer, which is great for doing braids or a messy ponytail or bun. If your hair is fine, use a hair texturizer spray and spray it on the hair at least six inches away from the scalp for even distribution that won’t weigh hair down but still give you the benefits.

When is the best time to use hair texturizer?
Really anytime work. We love it on clean hair to give it a worn-in look, but it’s equally helpful on second-day hair to tame flyaways without making hair greasy.

Check out this tutorial from the good folks at Modeliste for a look at how to get the windswept texturized braid worn by models at the Michael Kors spring fashion show:

Support Slide Ranch with Green #CartForCause

March 3rd, 2015 by image (28)

Mavatar supports Slide Ranch for our next #CartForCause. From now through March 31st, all Mavatar’s affiliate proceeds from green Carts will go directly to the preservation organization.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we selected a local organization that focuses on education for a healthy planet. Working with students, Slide Ranch teaches the ways of sustainable farming, land preservation and respect for animals and how food is obtained.

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The goal is to help students and the public understand the relationship between the planet, nature, animals and the role we play to preserve all three. Support the cause by snapping a selfie of yourself wearing green and tag three friends to do the same. Be sure to tag your selfie #CartForCause to raise awareness for contributions to this awesome cause.

Check out our Cart stocked with plenty of green goodies to get you ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

Green for her. Check out silk tops, chic cocktail dresses and bright floral print numbers fit for spring.

Green for him. Board shorts, wellness pants and lots of fun green socks round out our picks for men.

Green for kids. Get the kids ready for Easter with green polo shirts, button-ups, short sets and cute dresses.

Why You Need a Mac Jacket

March 3rd, 2015 by affordable-mac-jacket-men-women-mackintosh-coat-on-sale-mavatar

The mackintosh jacket, the mac — call it what you will, but it’s a necessity in every adult’s wardrobe. Man or woman, the mac jacket is perfect for those breezy transitional days when it’s cool enough for a jacket, but not a stuffy one that will wrinkle what’s beneath and cramp your style.

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Pick a bright. Sleepy hues like khaki just drag down your look. Instead, opt for poppy, canary yellow or kelly green. These colors are versatile and pop, especially on dreary cloudy days as we enter spring.

Choose a water-resistant mac. Not all mac jackets are created equal. Because the mac jacket has become a generic term to describe a midweight trench or peacoat-style jacket, they aren’t always water-resistant. Originally, the term mac jacket meant the jacket was a fit for rain, but this is no longer the case so be sure to read the description and snag a water-resistant jacke that will protect you through April showers.

Get the right fit. You may want to go up a size in a mac jacket. Why? In the next few months, you may still wear sweaters, so you want to leave enough room for the jacket to comfortably fit over things bigger than a long-sleeved T. Look to product reviews and descriptions to get a feel for fit. A good rule of thumb is most contemporary brands run small and most department stores and house brands run true to size.

Elevate Your Home Decor With Michael Aram

February 27th, 2015 by michael-aram-on-sale-mavatar

Mixed metals are where it’s at in fashion for your accessories and the home. Michael Aram pieces let you easily implement hard metals in organic motifs, like flowers, butterflies, twigs and vines. Aram has designed for decades creating high end home pieces that truly elevate home decor. Now through Sunday get a free special gift when buying $125 or more in Michael Aram pieces from Neiman Marcus. That’s right — free. The offer is ready to go in Mavatar!

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Function. Michael Aram creates beautiful things that are useful. From the olive oil and bread tray, which let you serve carbs with style, to the sassafras serving tongs that let you perfect your salad-serving skills, Aram’s pieces are meant to be used.

Whimsy. Love snails, tentacles or coral? Us too. Add some whimsy to your space with Aram’s quirky metal pieces that are sure to make guests strike up a conversation about home decor. There are things everyone needs in the kitchen (like a cheese tray), so why not make them conversation-makers by opting for one of Aram’s cool designs.

Durability. Aram’s array of textured metal pieces are made to be used. Hammered metal and other heavy texture details can take the wear and tear of dinner guests and children, so don’t be afraid to use these beautiful pieces. Whether it’s an embellished nut bowl or a paper towel holder, those who seek beauty and function in one place should check out our Cart of Michael Aram’s fabulous home accessory designs.

The Great Dress Debate Explained

February 26th, 2015 by image (27)

What is dress debate?

#Dressdebate started today when the cocktail number appeared on tumblr with one integral question posed, “Is this dress blue and black or white and gold?” Consider it the great Internet debate (so far) of 2015 as everyone including Taylor Swift weighed in on the color combination of the lace-embellished dress.

What color is the dress debate dress?
Try saying that five times fast! The dress was tracked down by Mashable so if you want to buy the black and blue dress, it’s available from Roman Originals and no, there’s no white and gold dress to be had! The slinky body conscious dress has lace detail throughout and a modest hem.

After all of this are you jonesing a new dress? Our Cart is stocked with those that are blue and black and a few white and gold too! Shop on!

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Be honest! Did you see blue and black or white and gold when getting your first glimpse of dress debate?

Oscars 2015 Men’s Tuxedos

February 26th, 2015 by image (26)

At the 87th annual Academy Awards, men’s tuxedos took a turn towards the modern with colors, oversized lapels and snazzy bowties making the cut. The men came ready for fashion.

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American Sniper Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper kept it classic in a three-piece suit from Salvatore Ferragamo. Theory Of Everything Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne was one of our favorite looks of the night in a mega fresh navy suit by Alexander McQueen.

Selma actor, David Oyelowo, donned a brilliant red tuxedo from Dolce and Gabbana. It was a look that popped but still looked wildly appropriate for the special occasion.

Best Song winner, Common, wowed in a Gucci velvet blazer. The Selma contributor always dresses well, but looked exceptionally dapper as he accepted his Oscar. Jared Leto is never one to disappoint on the red carpet and showed up in a white Givenchy tuxedo (and looked as stylish as rumored squeeze, Lupita Nyong’o).

Chris Pratt walked the red carpet in a classic tuxedo suit from Tom Ford and has definitely said goodbye to his Parks and Recreation character as the show wrapped up this week.

The Extras You Need For Spring Break Travel

February 25th, 2015 by image (25)

You have spring break travel plans sorted — but what are you packing? You likely have the essentials like a swimsuit and comfortable shoes for wandering the resort or boardwalk, but what about all of those extras that make travel life more comfortable? We’ve rounded ‘em up so you have an easy way to find fantastic deals on the extras you need for spring break travel.

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1. Update your suitcase. Whether it’s a carry-on for a quick weekend jaunt or a suitcase to get you through a week of indulgence on a cruise, update your suitcase. The newest versions are lighter and more functional than ever before. Four rolling wheels will feel like a cakewalk if you still use a suitcase that requires dragging at an incline with only two wheels.

2. A solid beach towel. Beach towels are sometimes overlooked, but a good beach towel is brilliant when you have to go from ocean to lunch in minutes. A lot of resorts charge for towels, so making room in your suitcase for one is a smart idea.

3. Sunglasses. Shades make a look and when in the sun — they protect your eyes too! Choose from cat eyes, wayfarer styles and reflective lenses for those perfect Insta-worthy moments.

4. A functional swimsuit. Yes, you may own the cutesy number from last year, but if you plan on paddleboarding, surfing or doing stand-up paddleboard yoga while on vacay, this is the time to invest in a functional swimsuit. Rashguards, water-friendly capris and leggings, boyshorts and halter-style swimsuit tops offer security and durability for those who love to move out on the water.

White Gowns, Red Carpet

February 22nd, 2015 by image (24)

The 2015 Oscar dresses were a mixed bag of texture, column silhouettes and our favorite — plenty of white. White gowns have long been avoided for fear of looking like a blushing bride, but this trio proved white gowns aren’t just for walking down the aisle. Click our Oscars Gown Cart for an array of red carpet-inspired dresses for all sizes including petites and plus sizes!

Julinanne Moore Chanel dress. Julianne Moore won Best Actress for her role in Still Alice and graced the red carpet in Chanel. The column gown was embellished with an onslaught of sequins and ornate beadwork. The look was more is more (no pun intended!) and was balanced by Moore’s chunky earrings and sleek low tight bun. It was a look fit for an Oscar winner without going with the giant cupcake gown we often see for an occasion of this caliber.

Lupita Nyong’o Calvin Klein dress. Lupita Nyong’o was white hot in Calvin Klein. The pearl conconction draped the actress’ figure with ease and had a playful, yet sophisticated feel to it. Nyong’o let the dress do the talking accessorizing only with simple jewelry including cluster earrings and an emerald cut cocktail ring.

Reese Witherspoon Tom Ford dress. Reese Witherspoon was nominated for Best Actress for Wild and showed up in a black and white Tom Ford gown. The fit was phenomenal and had a zing of Old Hollywood to it. Witherspoon’s soft waves and oodles of diamonds also referenced a vintage flair.

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Mavatar checks out Concept Korea fashion show

February 20th, 2015 by concept-korea-fashion-show-designer-nyfw

The Concept Korea fashion show at New York fashion week showcased Korean fashion designers. In an effort to raise awareness of Korean designers, Concept Korea brings their wares to New York fashion week for exposure to the U.S. market and buyers. The show was a mix of menswear and womenswear from designers Taeyong Ko, Seunghee Lee and Juyoung Lee.


Taeyong Ko designs menswear under the label Beyond Closet. Tailored pieces, print pants and statement coats make the collection the perfect mix of East meets West wearable fashion. The goal is a reinterpretation of classics. Follow Beyond Closet on Instagram here.


Seunghee Lee is the creator of Leyii, a womenswear line that focuses on minimalist designs that compliment the curves of the female figure. Her collection fits a myriad of age groups and the looks translate across the globe. Follow Leyii on Twitter here.


Juyoung Lee is the designer of RESURRECTION. This menswear line focuses on a more is more approach to men’s fashion with ornate prints, fur and a futuristic vibe. Draped silhouettes, mixed fabrics and gilded finishes rounded out the RESURRECTION runway show. Check out RESURRECTION online here.

Check out our Cart of Korean fashion-inspired items!

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