Top 5 Holiday Movies

November 27th, 2015 by


1. Home Alone. The classic film turned 25 this year, but it’s just as genius and hysterical as it was when we saw it circa 1990. Kevin McCallister is left Home Alone and you know the rest.

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas. Another very oldie, but very goodie, this cartoon follows Snoopy and the Peanuts gang as they discover the true meaning of Christmas. The beauty of this little film is it’s as entertaining as it is old — making it a hit for the entire household. Who can resist Snoopy’s antics?

3. A Christmas Story. Follow Ralphie and his family through the days leading up the Christmas and be FRAY-GEE-LAY with your drink as you crack up to this timeless holiday movie.

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We could never choose a favorite off this list of best holiday movies, but this one somehow always manages to bring calm before the storm that is the holiday season. Even when your family is at its most dysfunctional, they probably don’t hold a candle to the Griswald clan.

5. Love, Actually. This Brit romantic comedy make us feel warm and fuzzy and is one of our fave holiday films to kick off the season (a.k.a. this weekend). It isn’t on everyone’s annual holiday movies list, but it certainly should be.

6 Ways to Win Black Friday

November 25th, 2015 by

Screenshot 2014-11-24 10.21.54 (1)

1. Make a list of what you want. Whether it’s an old school list on a Post-It near your computer or an note-taking app, use a list to navigate what you’re in the market for on Black Friday. Your list can be as general as makeup or as specific as burgundy lipstick. Include items for yourself, your household and any gifts you want to get a great deal on. Black Friday is the prime time to shop for things like electronics and tech items.

2. Stick to the list. While there are many many fantastic deals out there, you don’t want to go overbudget by snagging everything that looks remotely entertaining. You’ll end up with stuff you don’t truly need or use. Keep a streamlined approach for Black Friday shopping by sticking to the items on your pre-determined list.

3. Shop for basics. When it comes to basics in any category — the kitchen, the garage, your closet or vehicle, basics go on sale for cheap during Black Friday sales. For things like a blender, bedding or car mats, this is the time to buy because you’re likely to save over 50% off.

4. Shop for toys. Christmas is about the kids and for that reason, retailers go nuts with toy deals on Black Friday. Shop early and often for the best deals. Many stores already have deals for toys starting today, including Wal-mart. A lot of retailers such as Wal-mart and Kohl’s also allow people to shop online and pick-up in-store. That means you get the ease of shopping from home, but you have everything in your home within a day or two.

5. Pick-up in-store. Who wants to do the song and dance of waiting in line at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving? Not us! Utilize the best weapon this holiday shopping season — pick-up in-store! This means you buy online and go to customer service to pick-up items. There’s no hassle trying to get a limited item AND you can use all online coupons. For those who want instant gratification or simply want to pop into one store to pick up a haul, pick-up in-store is a must-try that many people opt for over having items delivered.

6. Stack coupon codes. The beauty of Mavatar is all coupons that can be stacked, are…automatically! You don’t have to keep up with coupons or anything else to get the mad discounts. Black Friday through Cyber Monday allows many already-reduced items to be further on sale after you apply a coupon code. We have countless coupons for Walmart, Levi’s, Saks, Kohl’s and JCPenney in Mavatar right now.

Standout Sweaters for the Holidays

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Feel comfortable and look chic in our round-up of standout sweaters for the holidays. Once Thanksgiving break and the Christmas holidays come around, it’s time to think about function and fashion. If you are hanging out with family watching your favorite holiday movies, indulging in sweets and taking naps, you don’t want to do it in anything fussy. Think of these standout statement sweaters for the holidays.

Look to fuzzy sweaters for texture. Want a one-shot sweater of fabulous style? Look for a fuzzy sweater that brings texture to any look. The Mona Chunky Turtleneck Sweater is comfortable and mixes rich colors with thick woven fabric for a look that’s the quintessential cuddly chic sweater.

Reach for a graphic sweater. A fun phrase or print is a great way to look festive without going all-out with the ugly Christmas sweater. The beauty of graphic sweaters is they work with high waist skirts and tights for slightly dressier affairs, but also work with jeans or leggings and boots. We’re partial to statement sweaters like the Alice + Olivia Shaded Lady Embellished Wool Sweater.

Pick a subtle holiday sweater. If you want something in tune with the season without going overboard, think about fair isle prints and snowflake motifs. Both convey you’re feeling the holiday the season, but don’t come with the cheesy look of an ugly Christmas sweater. This Style & Co. Snowflake Eyelash Sweater is a Macy’s exclusive and mixes a classic snowflake print with a trendy textured eyelash sweater. Juxtapose this soft fabric with a leather skirt or leather-like trousers for a hip look that’s still easy to wear for chilling with the fam.

Embellished sweaters are the best investment sweaters for the holidays because they look fashionable without much styling effort. When you’re watching Love, Actually and snagging another piece of pie, you’ll be glad you’re in a comfortable look that stands out in photos.

Best Highlighter for Winter

November 20th, 2015 by


After tens of highlighters, we’ve found the perfect way to get that killer glow. The best highlighter for winter is apparent but not stark. You want that soft lit glow that illuminates the face but doesn’t dominate. The best way to do this? Follow our steps below for flawless skin that shines…just enough.

1. Start with your favorite primer. We are working with liquid highlighters, which have more staying power and can easily mix into foundation. Start with a primer to have a smooth canvas that prevents highlighter from accentuating pores or spots.

2. Mix one part highlighter with two parts foundation. Mixing liquid highlighter into your foundation is how to get the perfect glow. Don’t worry about highlighter that is too sparkly or boasts color. Because it’s diluted with your foundation, you will likely end up with the best highlighter for winter.

3. Use your fingers to apply the highlighter-foundation mix. This warms up the product and lets it meld seamlessly into the skin. The highlighter will naturally be more prominent at the high points of the face, including the top of the cheekbones, the nose and chin. This makes for the perfect daily highlighter during winter.

The beauty of this technique is you can use the foundation that works best for you at that time. This may be a lightweight BB cream with minimal coverage or a full coverage foundation for a formal affair. Whichever you choose, the mix of one part highlighter for two parts foundation creates the perfect ratio of glow. Don’t use two pumps of foundation? Not to worry. Use half a pump of liquid highlighter for every one pump of foundation. You’ll instantly notice this is the perfect glow you’ve been after for daily wear. The look is natural but special, making it great for the office, school or anywhere life takes you.

TMCnet’s 2015 Santa Clara Editor’s Day Interview With Mavatar

November 19th, 2015 by mavatar-tmcnet-interview

Hi Everyone!

Last week, Mavatar CEO, Susan Akbarpour, had an interview with Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMCnet, at the 2015 Editor’s Day, held in Santa Clara. Numerous representatives from different companies gathered in Hyatt Regency Hotel to network and share the new and exciting news about their companies. Of course, the Mavatar team would not miss the fun bubble! We had fun chattering with many people over light refreshments. Check out how Susan (and the little Mavatar Cart cameo!) elaborates the A to Z of Mavatar building blocks and how Mavatar can benefit everyone, including transforming you into a smart shopper!

Link to TMCnet’s 2015 Editor’s Day Interview With Mavatar

Moisturizing Bath & Shower Products

November 18th, 2015 by


Make it a point to keep skin in tip-top shape this fall with moisturizing bath and shower products. During cold weather, skin can feel dry and itchy. Avoid this by making your bath and shower as moisturizing as possible. Keep skin prepped so it absorbs moisture and locks it in.

Start in the shower. Use a moisturizing body wash or a bar of Dove. Yes, bar soap isn’t a sin if it’s packed with moisture and imparts that for your skin. Avoid bar soaps made from glycerin, which can have a drying effect on the skin and make it feel tight. Shower gels are OK, but aren’t really doing anything to nurture the skin, which is why you want to opt for a body wash that specifically mentions moisturizing attributes.

Scrub off dead skin. Moisturizing is nothing if you’re doing it to rough, dry skin. It isn’t enough to use a moisturizing body wash because it isn’t exfoliating. Exfoliate skin about 2-3 times a week depending on how dry your skin is. You don’t have to do anything fancy: a simple loofah will do to exfoliate skin with your body wash. If you want to use a specific exfoliator, try one with an oil base which will add moisture to the skin. Be careful if you’re in the shower, since this can make things slippery quick!

Pat your skin dry. Now that you spent time getting your skin in primo condition to absorb a body lotion or body butter, don’t ruin it by scrubbing skin dry! When you step out of the bath or shower, gently pat skin dry with a towel. Some moisturizing body washes specifically say to pat skin dry, so we aren’t just making this up! ;)

Apply body lotion or a body butter immediately after your bath or shower. A pro tip is to do this in the bathroom where the air is still damp and steamy. This means skin will get the added benefits of locking in all of the moisture it can absorb. Don’t go nuts slathering on lotion or body butter. A coat will do. Let skin absorb this thoroughly. We love slipping into cozy PJs immediately after to wake up with mega soft, luxe skin.

Easy Ways to Wear the ’70s Trend

November 17th, 2015 by


1. Don a floppy felt hat. This is the easiest way to look on trend without spending much. We spotted this floppy black hat at Walmart for a steal. Wear it with a loose dress and booties or a V-neck T-shirt, cardigan and skinny jeans for a modern interpretation of the ’70s trend.

2. Add a print wrap or poncho. Print wraps and ponchos were huge in the ’70s so it’s no wonder we’re seeing them in felt, suede, wool blends and plaid prints for fall and winter. You choose how ’70s the vest is, but wear it over items you already own like a turtleneck and dark rinse jeans. We love the Ruana Oversized Wrap Poncho in black and white plaid, which goes with everything in your closet.

3. Whisky boots. Go for a chic ’70s look with boots or booties in whisky. These Faded Glory Women’s Quilted Bootie are just under 20 bucks and will get you through February with everything from jeans to casual dresses. Any whisky boots do the trick, but we’re partial to those with quilted or textured detail for a look that’s authentically Annie Hall.

4. Plaid button-ups. These have been on the fashion radar for quite some time, but this fall everyone is extra mad for plaid. The Brooke Leigh Women’s Plaid Boyfriend Shirt is the perfect fit. It is roomy enough for casual outings, but has a feminine fit that doesn’t lose your shape in the process. It’s all about comfort when hanging out with family and friends for the holidays and this plaid button-up fits the bill. Try it tucked into a midi skirt with knee high boots or go casual with jeans and booties.

5. Flared jeans. Yes, they’re back and better than ever! Nothing says throwback to the ’70s like a pair of flared jeans. We love them in dark rinse or stonewashed which makes them the perfect go-to jeans for day. Add a turtleneck and boots and you have the quintessential classic ’70s look without trying too hard.

Top 5 Toys for Christmas 2015

November 16th, 2015 by


You’re likely already looking at Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale leaks. That’s how it goes when you want to be on the cusp of the hottest toys before everyone else. Toys for Christmas 2015 are all about doing something different. Whether it’s a modern update to an old classic (like remote control cars and planes) or something totally fresh (like a tepee for a playroom), toys for Christmas 2015 are sure to wow on that special morning.

1. Play tents. Kids no longer pile up the pillows and sheets to create a fort in the living room. These days there are items specifically tailored to a playtime with the play tent. They’re roomy and sometimes have tunnels and levels, which take playtime to the next level.

2. STEAM and STEM toys. Known in the toy industry as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) or STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys, these toys are designed to put kids to work in the cognitive skills and problem solving departments. A group of toys that used to be reserved for tweenagers, now everyone can get in on the action with STEAM and STEM toys designed for ages as young as three years old.

3. Horror-themed toys. Everyone is looking to get scared these days — especially kiddos! Take a cue from Aliens vs. Zombies and the new Goosebumps film for a look at why horror-themed toys are a fave of kids. Anything with crossbones, spider webs, witches or zombies is high on the list to make a kid’s Christmas morning just a little scary.

4. Basics. From wooden toys to classic stuffed animals like teddy bears, toys are going back to basics. When you aren’t sure what to buy the kid who has everything, a basic toy is something they’ll likely love and parents will appreciate the throwback.

5. Tech-building. When it comes to building things, toy brands are bringing miniature versions of the White House and Big Ben for kids to build and learn about. Now these building projects are hooked up with apps that let kids put their own spin on these classic buildings.

5 Reasons Why You Should Offer Coupon Codes to Shoppers

October 8th, 2015 by

By Greg Shepard, CEO, Affiliate Traction
Originally Published on Electronic Retailing Association

Hey direct marketers and merchants. Stop. It’s not your problem. You can’t solve it. Many of you think the issue with coupons is your issue to solve in order to raise the average sale price. Stop, slow down, and look at one simple fact. More than 70 percent of the U.S. population will not buy your brand without a coupon code simply because they cannot afford to do so.

First, you need to know the basics. Recent data from finds that while free shipping, ease of website use, and a flexible return policy are important to shoppers; it’s low prices that are number one with shoppers. What’s more, according to a recent BIGinsight Consumer Survey, coupons best in-store promotions, word of mouth, online advertising, inserts, and offline advertising as the primary determining factor in deciding where to shop.

It all boils down to the fact that shoppers want a good deal. While free shipping and low prices factor in, coupon offers can really make a serious positive dent in a merchant’s online profitability—especially to those who, without a discount, simply cannot afford to buy certain products.

What Merchants Who Do Not Offer Coupons Are Losing:

While many merchants and marketers do offer coupons, there are a whole lot that don’t. Why? The biggest misconception is that by not offering coupons, a merchant can keep average order value up and score a healthier profit. That is certainly true, but only in the cases where sales actually occur. And, sales do not occur if a shopper can simply not afford to make a purchase.

In the United States, the median household income in 2013 was $51,900.

According to Census data, households with HHI under $75,000 buy their favorite brands four out of 10 times. They can only afford to buy when their favorite items are on sale or they have a coupon. Households with HHI over $75,000 buy their favorite brands eight out of 10 times. Just 29.2 percent of Americans have HHI over $75,000.

With 70 percent of Americans having HHI under $70,000 and most acting on a brand preference only when a sale or coupon is in play, merchants who try to “save” money by not offering a coupon are actually ignoring 70 percent of potential buyers who would be more than happy to pull the trigger if only they had an incentive.

What’s that saying? Penny wise and pound-foolish? That pretty much defines merchants who think they’re actually increasing sales by not offering coupons.

OK so if this weren’t reason enough for every merchant on the planet to offer coupons, here are five more reasons…

Screenshot 2015-10-08 10.58.18

Watch How Mavatar Applies Coupon Codes Automatically at Stores’ Checkout 

Watch How To Store and Share Coupon Codes at Mavatar

1. Customers Spend More With A Coupon

One might assume that since a coupon’s purpose is to lower the price on an item, that would lead to a lowering in revenue for a merchant. In fact, according to Forrester, new customers spend, on average, 3.1 times more and existing customers, on average, spend 2.6 times more per order.

Now lest a merchant think that every offer they make must be a steep one, moderate discounts actually lead to higher sales than steep discounts. For example, according to five census and data companies, a 15 percent coupon code resulted in an average order value of $192, but a 5 percent discount netted a $303 average order value.

2. Coupon Customers Are More Profitable

While some believe knocking down price through discount offers leads to lower profitability, nothing could be further from the truth. In our example, the average shopping basket value of a coupon-less sale is $53.88. Subtracting $10.78 for affiliate commission resulted in a profit of $43.10.

But when a 10 percent coupon code was offered, basket value rose to $183.32. With the $18.33 discount applied and affiliate commission of $33 subtracted, the net profit rose to $131.99 yielding a 3.1X increase in ROI.

Coupons also contribute to increased profitability over time. In our example, over the course of 12 months, coupon code usage resulted in a 1.5X lift in average order value and a 1.8X increase in profitability. Throughout that 12-month period, coupon code usage also contributed to a 1.05X increase in purchase frequency. Coupon users shop more often.

3. Coupon Usage Increases Over Time

Increasingly, coupons contribute more and more to a merchant’s revenue. In our example, the implementation of coupon discounts resulted in coupons contributing to 17 percent of revenue in the first 12 months and 20 percent of revenue at the end of the second year.

Couple this data point with the above points which contribute to increased profitability and you begin to see a very clear picture; coupons drive sales, increase revenues, and improve profitability.

4. Coupons Deliver the Highest Conversion Rate

Using the example, if we take a look at the average conversion rate for all affiliate types, it’s 2.1 percent. Search returns 1.3 percent, social returns 7.7 percent, partners return 15.2 percent, however, coupons return a whopping 39.6 percent.

5. It’s Simple, Really

Not only do coupons incentivize people to spend more, deliver you more profit, build loyalty and increase conversion rate, coupons also give you access to the 70 percent of shoppers who wouldn’t otherwise give you the time of day. Do you really want to ignore 70 percent of the market?

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Walmart Increases Commission for Mavatar Editors

September 30th, 2015 by

From October 1st to October 15th, Walmart is offering Mavatar Editors a whopping 6% commission on all products from their Clothing and Beauty departments. In additions, shoppers who buy products from your Carts will received increased rewards points!

walmart fashion beauty commission mavatar editors affiliate program bloggers clothing

We created a Cart filled with our favorite Clothing and Beauty products to give you some inspiration. The Cart is filled with clothing, makeup, hair styling tools,

The Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Items

September 30th, 2015 by


The best drugstore makeup is high on our list of must-haves because it is accessible, affordable and performs like a champ. No need to shell out major dollars for basics or trendy extras to make your look say fall 2015.

1. COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara Make lashes pop like crazy with this super affordable mascara that defines, lengthens and plumps in one swoop. In a sea of constant mascara launches, the original LashBlast remains at the top of our list for those who want definition and fullness that doesn’t flake and doesn’t take eons to put on. Because of the ultra fine bristles, this mascara grabs every lash and even works for the lower lashes. Bonus: if you have small eyes, this is one of the few large mascara brushes that doesn’t hit the top of the lids, which means you can apply it in no time.

2. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kajal Eyeliner in Nude Lining the waterline with a light liner is a pro makeup artist tip to make eyes appear brighter. For years we did this with white, but this nude kajal liner looks more natural and the supersmooth pencil makes it easy peasy to use on the waterline. The result is a bright-eyed look that isn’t stark.

3. Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Matte Lip Pencil in I Like To Mauve ItThanks to Kylie Jenner (or not) it’s all about the lips right now. Whether you are going for the ’90s brownie pink hue or a vampy plum for fall, this new lip pencil creates an opaque matte lip that isn’t drying. The sponge on one end lets you create an ombre effect to create the look of plumper lips — no injections needed! Not that Kylie has them either, right?

4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe You want a dramatic eye, but who has the time or 18 zillion colors to pull of a Youtube-worthy look? Do it the easy way with this brilliant bronze shadow all over the lid and up into the crease. You don’t have to worry about what goes on the lid or crease because the ultra fine shimmer shadow has rich dimension which makes it look like you went to town with various shades and brushes.

5. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment & Concealer This concealer makes some bold claims. Does it work as an eye treatment? Maybe. It highly moisturizes the eye area and it’s impossible to make it look cakey, but the reason we adore it is because it’s the best pick at the drugstore for a neutralizing or color correcting concealer. The texture, coverage and wear rival a correcting concealer from a famous makeup artist, but this achieves the same effect for a mere seven bucks.

3 Easy Ways to Up Your At-Home Coffee Game

September 29th, 2015 by


1. Get a foamer. It sounds a little dramatic, but the seasoned at-home coffee drinker knows this what takes drinking a cup of coffee from a morning habit to a morning experience. The Ozeri OZMF1 Deluxe Milk Frother in Stainless Steel is a splurge that will pay for itself in no time. The bonus is you get a few different attachments so everyone gets the level of foam or froth they prefer when whipping up an at-home latte or cappucino. There’s no learning curve to using a foamer. It’s the easiest and most useful small kitchen appliance you’ll ever use.

2. Try a French press. If you have time on the weekends for an indulgent breakfast or brunch, try going the French press route. A French press is very affordable and you can play with the water temperature, types of beans and steeping time to gauge your perfect cup of coffee. The beauty of French press coffee is you determine how strong or bold the flavor is every time you brew. Try the OXO 4 Cup French Press Coffee Maker to experiment with your coffee.

3. Try cold brew…at home. The French press allows you to try cold brew coffee at home with ease. For the best cold brew, pour room temperature water over your coffee grounds of choice, as you were making a pitcher of coffee. Put the French press in the refrigerator for at least six hours (overnight works fine), then press coffee for potent cold brew that has a rich, non-acidic flavor. Because of the smooth flavor of cold brew, you can get away with less milk or cream and sweetener. Try a splash of coconut milk and raw sugar for a slightly sweet and totally clean take on coffee. Since cold brew is far more caffeinated than standard coffee, start with one cup in the morning.

4 Home Updates for Fall

September 29th, 2015 by


1. Create a reading nook. You don’t need a ton of room to create a designated space for reading this fall. Earlier nights and cooler temps makes us want to snuggle up with our favorite book, but piling into bed can make you sleepy. Instead, invest in a chair or bean bag to create a space devoted to reading. There are many stylish upholstered chairs available at affordable price points that let you create a space that welcomes you to take some serious downtime as the nights get shorter. We know people love e-readers, but for fall, we love a stack of books that makes us want to work through them every night instead of the usual Netflix time.

2. Play with texture. Use microfiber, suede-like fabrics, sherpa-inspired blankets and woven knits to play with texture for fall. These home updates for fall make it easy to feel comfortable the minute you enter your home. Colors matter, but texture is a great way to mix things up especially if you’re someone who adores neutrals like camel and ivory. These basic shades get a serious style update when you mix fabrics.

3. Add some fragrance. Walking into your home after a long day can be even better with fragrance. If you don’t want to worry about having a candle, opt for a room diffuser. They are easy to set up and permeate the space with scent throughout the day, which means you get the enjoy the fragrance right when you walk in. We love amber and musk-based scents for fall and winter. They are season-appropriate without having the overbearing sweet pumpkin scent reigning 24/7.

4. Invest in a slow cooker. Still not on the Crockpot bandwagon? It’s time to hop on board! Fall beckons a warm home-cooked meal, but most of us don’t want to battle in the kitchen after work. Instead, scour Pinterest for slow cooker recipes and see how you can have delicious, hot meals every night of the week with a little prep the night before. Slow cookers have come a long way and now come in sizes to accommodate 2-12 people in one pot, so choose what works for your lifestyle and enjoy a nutritious meal with savory protein and veggies.

Fall for Flats

September 28th, 2015 by


A trend we are stoked to see for fall are flats. Scour the latest arrivals of your favorite online shopping haunt and you’re sure to see a bevy of new flats in styles that suit everyone. Once seen as the frumpy shoe, flats are now as chic as stilettos and far more comfortable and suitable for every day life. Once you realize life isn’t a Sex and the City episode, you start to see the immense value in wearing flats.

Try metallics. As we transition to cooler weather, you can still wear bare legs. The Banana Republic Anika Italian Leather Flat in gunmetal for a super chic pair of flats that are as versatile as black but in a fresh new hue. While it’s still warm, wear them with a white top and denim skirt. As the weather cools down, swap the white blouse for a black sweater, keep the denim skirt and add black tights for a funky take on an Annie Hall look.

Add some studs. Studs are hot for fall and it’s easy to wear them on your flats while maintaining a posh look. Check out the Chelsea & Zoe Ava Women’s Studded Flats, which boast scallop detail and studs. This is an easy way to add a punch of style to any outfit and stay office appropriate. It’s all about mixing up textured this fall, so try this faux suede pair with a cozy cardigan or skinny leather pants.

The hidden wedge. Some flats are too flat. Because flats don’t always support the feet, some women have an aversion to flats. Look for flats with a hidden wedge, which look like conventional flats from the outside, but provide support because the foot sits at a slant. This silhouette is among the best shoes fit for those who are on their feet the majority of the day. A stylish option are the Soft Style by Hush Puppies Dona Women’s Fleur de Lis Skimmer Flats.

The Gucci Spring 2016 Fresh Face

September 23rd, 2015 by


It was all about geek chic at the Gucci spring 2016 fashion show. The acid brights and cool prints were fabulous, but what really caught our eye was the perfect no-makeup makeup look used on the models in the show. The Gucci spring 2016 woman is approachable and quirky with a sense of cool that isn’t attainable with a winged eye or mega bright lip.

Instead the goal was to make people stop and say, “She looks interesting,” versus pretty or sexy. This is a departure for the Italian fashion house that typically aims to ooze sex appeal, but we’re all for it! Instead of heavy contouring and Kardashian-worthy highlighter that can be seen from space, makeup artist Pat McGrath went for a gentle look that reflected personal style versus one general look for the entire show. McGrath points out less is more when it comes to contouring if you want to soften the face and appear more youthful and fresh. Instead of going for that sharp line to mimic chiseled cheeks, go for a subtle flush in a barely-there color like Gucci Face Sheer Blushing Powder in Spicy Petal.


On the eyes it was about soft definition with toasty shades. Use a soft tapered shadow brush to line the eye with the lightest sweep of a light brown shade like Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow in Moonstone. Skip the liner and swipe a brown mascara like Gucci Eye Opulent Volume Mascara in Cocoa. This delicate definition is perfect for the modern woman who wants to look pulled together without hitting any one makeup trend. Let’s face it — they don’t work for every occasion.

Hair was equally low key. Hair stylist Paul Hanlon mixed the ‘do’s. Some model sported a single braid, others slightly wavy locks with a center part and some with mussed straight hair with a deep side part.

3 Tips For Working Out Outdoors This Fall

September 23rd, 2015 by


Fall has officially arrived and aside from the ankle boots and cardigans, we’re ready to get outside for our workouts. In some regions the dog days of summer are still too hot to workout outdoors, but in the next few weeks temperatures should subside and that means everyone can get outside and get moving.

1. Layer your workout gear. Even if it’s in the 40s, your body builds heat as you move and you don’t want cumbersome layers weighing down your form. Opt for a base layer of a lightweight, sweat-wicking tank top with a long-sleeved T-shirt or jacket over that. A T-shirt over a tank top can work as well since it keeps the core warm without hindering your arms in any way. A perfect combo that’s wallet-friendly is this Danskin Now Women’s Mesh Back Tank topped with the Danskin Now Women’s Active Long Sleeve Performance Tee. The duo is under 20 bucks, making it a must for your fall workout wardrobe.

2. Wear capris. Staying warm involves layering up top. Wear capris since they are less likely to get in the way and feel heavy after you are well into your workout. Capris let you get some air without freezing your buns off during a pre-workout stretch. Most outdoor athletics enthusiasts prefer capris to full length leggings or compression pants. Check out Avia Women’s Active Performance Capri Printed Pants. The comfortable wide waistband stays put, even if you are going hardcore with an outdoor crossfit session.

3. Take your time warming up. With cooler temps, you should be careful with your muscles and joints. Take care by going for a gentle warm-up that warms up muscles slowly. Start with a few arm and leg stretches followed by a brisk walk for about five minutes before you start your workout. This gets your blood flowing and prevents sudden impact for your body.

Who Makes the Most Money in Mavatar

September 21st, 2015 by

The Mavatar Team is always working on improving the experience for our Editors and increasing their sales. We have gathered enough data to see which Editors are making the most money and getting the highest number of views in their Carts:*



Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.34.55 PM

To summarize our findings:

  • The most efficient way to promote a cart is by utilizing all the available channels (Blog, widget, button, social media).
  • Influencers who took advance of the wholesome Mavatar suite to promote their carts gained the most traffic (views) to their carts.
  • The traffic (views) translate to higher number of transactions per cart.Therefore, the no. of cart views has a positive correlation with commission received.
  • Influencers who promote their carts on social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,…) received much higher views and commissions. This is because the their fans & followers re-shared their carts! Moreover, with high social media recommendations, people seem to be more confident in performing higher sales transactions, which also increases the commission. The usage of widget and button also drastically increases traffic because of the simplicity of one button click to arrive at the carts.
  • Contrary to what many believe, the number of carts created has less correlation with the amount of commission.
  • Influencers who are using Social Media to promote their carts earn a higher average transaction than the ones who don’t! Maybe Social media users are richer or reflection in social media is an indicator of standing behind your original content in public 
  • All in all, to be a successful Mavatar Influencer in a top percentile, focus on the quality of the cart content using more relevant keywords of the products, using the Mavatar widget and utilize social networks to promote the carts proved highly effective

To increase your Cart visits and, in turn, improve your sales, use the Mavatar Widget or Shop My Cart button on your blog. Here’s how:

For an extra way to use your Mavatar Cart to make money, here’s how you can monetize your friends’ social posts:

Don’t forget to grab your Mavatar widget to place it next to your other social widgets in your site and promote all your carts in one place. m
*5 outlier influencers who created  $250-$2000 revenue in one Cart were excluded from this study to prevent misrepresentation.

DKNY Spring 2016 Fashion Show

September 21st, 2015 by


Make a break for a new spin on basics with the DKNY spring 2016 collection. New York Fashion Week was heavy on black and white for spring and the DKNY spring 2016 fashion show was among the cream of the crop when it comes to a new take on old favorites. Easy breezy shapes with a polished finish was the theme for the collection that incorporated neutrals done in the best way for warm weather.

The DKNY spring 2016 fashion show illustrated how to wear all-black-everything for spring and summer. Face it, many of us are culprits of donning black in the hottest temperatures, but the mixed fabrics at the DKNY show were perfect for looking the part, even if you’re at a backyard BBQ. Simple white T-shirts tucked into structured pencil skirts, gray shift dresses and black shirt dresses were major tent poles of the collection. Think of similar pieces now with tights and ankle boots, then switch it up with a cage-style stacked heel sandal for hot weather.


Asymmetry was big for this collection with plenty of asymmetrical skirts that hit at the knee. Sheer material worked its way into the collection towards the end of the show with a dash of cobalt. For those who live in neutrals, choosing one punch of color to break things up is a great way to bring a look on trend while still putting your year-round favorites to use. A sheer T-shirt-style top over a tank top has a slight ’90s slant, but when worn with a column skirt and ankle boots channels the new interpretation of grunge. The DKNY spring 2016 collection has countless items you can wear year after year. The silhouettes are fresh and simple, but look timeless enough that they’ll be put to use for years.

3 Ways to Style the Button-Up Skirt

September 18th, 2015 by


Already browsing sites for fall fashion finds? Us too. You’ve probably ran across the button-up skirt which is at the top of the must-have list for the season. The button-up skirt is wildly versatile and depending on the fabric, can go to the office, weekend plans and back again.

Our button-up skirt Cart has fall’s favorite skirt silhouette in plus sizes, petite sizes and every fabric, which means you’re sure to find your skirt match!

How to Style the Button-Up Skirt

Add a T-shirt. The T-shirt is a great addition to the button-up skirt. Try a streamlined silhouette that can easily be tucked into the waistband of your button-up skirt. A solid works well, but we’re mad for the whimsical graphic print tees we’re seeing everywhere for fall. With a denim button-up skirt, you can add slide-on sneakers during transition season. Feeling extra trendy? Roll-up your sleeves on the T-shirt for that off-duty model look everyone is craving right now.

Try an embellished blouse. This is the easiest way to wear the button-up skirt at the office. Most creative environments allow denim, but if you’re in a strict no-denim industry, go for a button-up skirt in corduroy or suede. This is a great way to don a trendy look that’s still office-appropriate. For the work place, check out blouses with jeweled embellishments or colorblocking. Outside of the office, opt for sheer details or open shoulders.

Don a chunky sweater. More is more for fall 2015 and that’s definitely the case when it comes to texture. Choose a nubby textured sweater to add some dimension to the mix. We love a chunky sweater with a button-up skirt because it hits on the slight ’70s feel of the trend. Sport the look now with loafers and add tights and ankle boots once cooler weather hits.

Fall Color Watch: Oxblood Trend

September 17th, 2015 by

oxblood burgundy maroon wine marsala fall fashion model outfit mavatar

Oxblood has been the go to color for the past few fall seasons, and this year won’t be any different. Oxblood (or wine, burgundy, marsala–whatever you choose to call it, although we argue they are TOTALLY different) is a stunning alternative to everyone’s favorite red, and it’s perfect for fall because it just contrasts so well with the golden hues nature provides.

oxblood fashion jeans blue jacket black hat black booties clutch blonde girl outfit walking fashion mavatar oxblood dress jacket leather bodycon celine tote bag green emerald jewel statemenet necklace sunglasses outfit fashion street style mavatar

Oxblood is a shade that looks incredible on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and makeup. The hard part is definitely putting together an outfit of items that are NOT oxblood. Plus, oxblood looks incredible on pretty much anyone, regardless of skin tone or body shape. We look forwardt to it making a come back in our wardrobes more than we look forward to the Pumpkin Spice Latte (sorry, Starbucks). It also helps that oxblood looks so good with that glass of red wine, so how can you not like it? Plus, oxblood is completely gender and age fluid, so you can pretty much dress your entire family in head to toe burgundy.

alexa chung oxblood outfit fashion leather skirt turtleneck round bag black flat shoes wine burgundy marsala outfit street style mavatar yellow skirt orange jacket gold street style

Our favorite shades to pair oxblood with are golden and yellow hues, but jewel tones and oxblood also make a stunning combination, whether it’s emerald green, or sapphire blue. Check out this outfit of the day inspiration photos, and you’ll instantly want to remake your closet with everything oxblood. But don’t worry, we have you covered–shop our Oxblood Mavatar Cart for the best fall oxblood picks to transform your look!