40 Trendy Plus Size Dresses

July 28th, 2015 by


As designers and stores struggle to keep up with the immense demand for stylish plus size clothing, we’ve scoured the supported stores of Mavatar to find you over 40 trendy plus size dresses. These are dresses that you can wear now and transition to fall with the help of a denim jacket or twill blazer and ankle boots, so it’s a win-win!

Dress down sheath dresses. Don’t be afraid to dress down a sheath dress with the help of a denim or casual jacket. Look for a shrunken fit that shows off your curves and roll the cuffs for a casual chic look that works for brunch or the movies.

Ponte fabric dresses travel well. If you’re a frequent traveler — for business or pleasure, opt for ponte fabric dresses. The thick fabric smooths you out in the price places and travels fabulously when rolled in a suitcase of overnight bag. Because Ponte fabric hugs the figure, you don’t have to worry about the back of the dress riding up, even if you do a lot of walking.

Don’t limit yourself to wrap dresses. How many articles have you read hailing the wrap dress as the be all, end all for plus size women? Probably too many! Get out of the wrap dress rut by going up a size in a sheath or A-line dress. Remember that dresses run differently from brand to brand and your focus should be fit — not the numbers on the tag. Look for dresses that fit and flatter your shape by experimenting with sizes. All Mavatar supported stores allow in-store returns, so order more than one size if you’re new to the silhouette.

Don’t wear a dress that’s too big. Many plus size women have a tendency to size up just because they don’t want a dress that fits too tight. The dress should gently skim your shape. Raise your arms and the dress should raise no more than two inches. Also make sure all undergarments are concealed, by checking to make sure armholes aren’t too big and hemlines aren’t so short in the back that it prevents you from moving around comfortably.

The Backpack is Back

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The backpack is back! For students, the backpack is always an essential, but this year they are more stylish than ever. Pick a backpack to go back to school in style with our Cart of chic backpacks! For a look at backpacks fit for younger kids, check out our Cart of Disney backpacks.

Try a print. Go for a sweet look with this abstract floral Forever 21 Tie-Dye Backpack. The soft colors are a much-welcomed addition to the usual suspects of black and brown. Want a print in a neutral colorway? This Marc by Marc Jacobs Packrat Oil-Drop Nylon Backpack is available in black and white, but still packs a style punch. A print backpack is especially a great choice for those who stick with solid colors for school shirts, pants and dresses. Prints perk you up!

Make sure there’s enough storage. This Forever 21 Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack has an interior zipper compartment, plus two generous outside pockets, which means you can ditch your purse and keep your devices and chargers in your book bag. If the backpack is one giant black hole inside, put most of your small items into large pouches, so everything is easy to find even when you’re in a hurry.

Go classic. A backpack that goes with everything is perfect for passing a backpack down from teen to teen. This Herschel Supply Co. Backpack is solid, durable and machine-washable, making it the perfect pick for the family that plans on keeping a backpack around. Some backpacks may say they are dryer safe on the tag, but it’s best to allow enough time for a backpack to drip dry. Put the backpack outside on a sunny day or in the garage for a quick drying route that won’t break down the fibers and hardware like the dryer can.

Back to School with Disney Backpacks

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Disney is the newest store added to the Mavatar family of supported stores and with back to school season on the horizon, we couldn’t be happier!

This means you can shop Disney merchandise from the Disney store and all of our other supported stores in one place. What does this mean for back to school shoppers? It means the best possible price on Disney backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles and other goodies the kiddos need for back to school!

Marvel Backpacks
Hot on the heels of the second installment of The Avengers, Age of Ultron, Marvel characters are where it’s at for many kids. This Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron backpack has plenty of compartments for kids to organize their school items. Bonus: padded wide straps make carrying heavy books easier on the child’s back.

Spiderman Backpacks
Spiderman mania is still rampant and this Spiderman rolling backpack is easy for little ones to drag thanks to the durable wheels. When the backpack is light enough for the child, he or she can carry it on their back like a conventional backpack. This is also a great travel bag for kids.

Star Wars Backpacks
We’re all about the amazing Vanity Fair photos from the set of the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Pack up lunch in this R2-D2 Lunch Tote, complete with snap-on closure so the lunch bag stays safe. What better to go with that lunch bag than the Chewbacca Backpack? The backpack has a clever cross-body strap to make anyone feel like they’re on Alderaan.

Frozen Backpacks
Nearly two years after its release, Frozen and Frozen characters are still a favorite. Skip the plastic baggies by reusing this plastic Anna and Elsa Snack Box. Keep your little one hydrated with this Olaf water bottle. It’s spill-proof, so you can even pack it inside of a backpack while filled with water. When kids have a bottle of water at their fingertips, they’re far more likely to get enough H20 in the day.

The Espadrilles You Need For Summer

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With temperatures rising to the 90s throughout the U.S., we’re sticking with simple heat-friendly outfits like basic T-shirts, maxi dresses and shorts. Where do we have fun? With shoes, of course!

Espadrilles are comfortable, support your feet and come in a variety of styles for every summer occasion. Let’s dissect the various espadrilles out there and be sure to check out our Cart for over 40 pairs of espadrilles in one place.

For the most part, espadrilles are casual, but when it’s as hot as it has been, they work for outdoor weddings, dinner dates and everything in between. Look to quirky print espadrilles for casual outfits like a tank and shorts. The Rag & Bone Georgie Tropical-Print Canvas Espadrilles work well with sun dresses and shorts, making them the go-to casual espadrilles for your wardrobe. The Rock & Republic Women’s Espadrille Platform Smoking Flats are sprinkled with sparkle for a little glam, even when you’re ultra casual.

For a classic take on espadrilles, opt for the Forever 21 Topstitched Ponyhair Espadrilles. The low vamp and contrast stitching give some oomph to this classic silhouette. Another update on a traditional espadrille sandal is the Dolce Vita Espadrille Slide Sandals. The mix of faux snakeskin adds an exotic edge and texture to the look.

Espadrille wedges are a favorite for summer and work for outdoor weddings when you don’t want your heels sinking into the grass. These Vince Camuto Open Toe Platform Wedge Espadrille Sandals have a fun striped motif on the wedge. Whether you choose black or camel, the wedge style espadrille is one you’ll reach for again and again throughout the season. If you want something more unexpected, check out the Alice + Olivia Espadrille Wedge Sandals Roberta Colorblock. The neutral backdrop shows off an abstract bold print, which serves as the perfect pop with solid dresses.

7 Tips for Wearing a Midi Skirt

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1. Make sure the length is midi for your height. A midi skirt off the rack may not hit everyone at the most flattering midi length. What is that length? About two inches below the knee. You don’t want to the midi skirt to be so long it hits at the widest part of the calf. The highest stilettos in the world won’t slim you out.

2. Choose a neutral first. Despite the trendiness of a midi skirt, it’s actually a flattering, versatile silhouette. We suggest starting with a midi skirt in navy, black, gray or camel if you plan on wearing it for work and play. Only doing the midi off-duty? Try a denim midi skirt.

3. Don’t be afraid of print midi skirts. We are seeing a lot of soft abstract floral prints, fine optic prints and thin vertical stripes for midi skirts. Try any print midi skirt with a twinset at the office and with a V-neck T-shirt and moto jacket on the weekend.

4. Go for a streamlined shoe. We aren’t here to tell you you must wear heels with a midi skirt, but you do want to stick with a streamlined shoe. Anything more will look too heavy with a midi length skirt. Stacked heels, stacked heel ankle boots and pointed toe flats are the best shoes when wearing a midi length skirt.

5. Always tuck your shirt in. A midi skirt is chic, not frumpy. Even if you go casual with a lightweight T-shirt or tank top, make sure you have enough room to tuck it into the band of the skirt.

6. Choose the right sweep. The sweep is how much fabric the skirt has from waist to hem. Those with slim hips can opt for more fabric. Those with curves, should look for a midi skirt that gently skims the figure. Stay away from pleats if your are curvy since your curves will make the pleats rise in back.

7. Keep it simple. The silhouette of the midi skirt is trendy enough on its own, that it calls for limited styling. We love the midi skirt because they work with existing tops in our wardrobe, like silk blouses, lightweight sweaters and luxe racerback tanks. The more simple, the better when it comes to styling a midi skirt.

How to Choose a Chandelier

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How do I choose the right chandelier for my space?
First consider how much room you are working with. You don’t want a chandelier that is so large and grand it overwhelms the space. A chandelier can absolutely be the focal point of a room, but you don’t want it to distract the eye in a bad way. You also don’t want a chandelier that hangs too low for the space. If you are working with average height ceilings, look for a chandelier that does more horizontally than it does vertically. A good option is this Vienna Full Spectrum Essa Crystal Pendant. Measuring in at 20″ wide, it is wide enough to make an impact, but adjustable so it can hang a mere four inches from the ceiling and create a luxe feel.

I don’t like crystal; what other chandeliers are there?
Not a fan of crystal? No problem! There are many other light fixtures that work in rustic or minimalist spaces while creating the feel of a chandelier in the room. Check out the Orazio 9 Light Chandelier for a living room or kitchen with dark wood or antiqued brass finishes.

What kind of chandelier works in a home office?
Most people don’t want dangling crystals in a home office, but there are many modern takes on the traditional chandelier that do work in the office. This Possini Euro Design Glass 15 Light Pendant Chandelier looks modern, but works for most home office decor styles. It’s an eye catching piece that instantly dresses up a space. When you are going with simple furniture and clean lines, a standout chandelier like this is just the home accessory to take make your space a place you want to work in every day.

How do I choose a chandelier for a nursery?
Take a glimpse at Pinterest and you’ll see parents are mad for chandeliers in little girls’ bedrooms and nurseries. Because most children’s rooms are on the smaller size, opt for a smaller chandelier. Many brands make chandeliers just for this purpose like the Tadpoles 3 Light Mini Chandelier. The mini size creates a fun look, but is easier on the wallet than an average-sized crystal chandelier.

Summer Cooking Essentials

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Make the most of summer with the right cooking essentials. When you entertain, the task can seen overwhelming, especially if you aren’t used to being in the kitchen. With the right cooking essentials for your needs, you can make entertaining as easy as the summer breeze.

Grill Right
Grilling is easy once you get the hang of it. Prep your meat and vegetables right with good knives and kitchen scissors that make tedious task simple. These Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears are ideal for cutting delicate fruits and vegetables before adding them to the grill. You’ll be able to wield garlic and other herbs with ease with the KitchenAid 4 pc. Kitchen Tool Set. This go-to set has the tools you need to whip up homemade BBQ sauces and marinades.

Reduce fat and cholesterol in your diet by opting for fish instead of red meat on the grill. The flavor is delicious! The OXO Good Grips Fish Turner is ideal for flipping delicate fish like mahi mahi and salmon.

Arrive in Style
Make your potluck dish go from cooking-to-table easy with these stylish Pyrex to-go containers. We love them because you can whip up potato salad or coleslaw in the container and leave it there for traveling. The host just has to pop the top, and voila — you have a perfectly presentable side dish without transferring it to a different bowl.

Drink Up
Have enough water to keep your guests hydrated. This gorgeous pitcher from Asst National Brand holds a whopping 90 oz. of liquid, so you always have enough to go around. Remember water is best, especially if you’re outdoors. Mix the juice of two grapefruits, two lemons and fill the remainder of the pitcher with filtered water. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and you have an immunity-boosting extra hydrating drink that feels as indulgent as a calorie-packed summer cocktail.

Back to school supplies!

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It is that time of the year again it’s back to school season! Time to get your school supplies necessary to be at the top of your game all school year long. Get that cool backpack or lunchbox that will be getting you compliments and looks all year long! Make sure your ready for any class or after school activity with the necessary supplies in this Cart.

Getting back into the swing of school can be a little tough sometimes. You have to kiss all those summer pool parties, BBQ’s, picnics, sleepovers, and road trips goodbye and then say hello to Mr. Smith’s Algebra II class….. Bummmer!

Back to school is the time to start fresh and turn over a new page so reinvent you this year with all these great items to choose from. Personally I remember making a terrible choice one back to school season for my selection on a backpack… needless to say I regretted that decision the rest of the year haha! So make sure you take your time selecting the vessel that will carry your books and supplies to and from school and make a great choice from any of the backpacks in this cart!

Don’t go lugging all of the items from store to store and then having to load everything up in the car, do all of your shopping from home with Mavatar. Mavatar will save you loads of time searching for your school supplies because it has so many great stores in one place like Walmart, JCPenny’s, and Kohls. Get online and get all the supplies you need and have it delivered to your door there is still time before school starts! Act now!

Summer Swimwear & Coverups: Post Miami Swim Week

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Miami Swim Week is over, but we are still reeling over all the gorgeous swimwear we saw! In honor of that, I’ve put together some of my favorite swimsuits and coverups to be found on Mavatar.

During Miami Swim Week we saw a lot of really fun one-pieces. I’m so happy that one-pieces are back in, as they can be so fun and versatile, and offer a little more coverage. My favorite has to be the Red Carter Butterfly-Print Underwire One-Piece Swimsuit from Neiman Marcus–the print is so fun and unique, the style is super flattering on many many body types, and the adorable lace up front just adds a little extra something something to this one-piece.

Summer swimwear one piece swimsuit print butterfly print black bottom red carter mavatar

If you’re not a fan of the awkward tanlines that this otherwise perfect swimsuit will surely leave you with, another great one-piece option is the Tory Burch Sierra Underwire Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit from Neiman Marcus. The white color and the blue print will never go out of style, and the lack of straps will leave your tan perfectly even and ready to show off in those summer dresses! Definitely a perfect choice for summer swimwear.

Summer swimwear white strapless swimsuit one piece blue print tory burch neiman marcus mavatar

Miami Swim Week also had many different bikinis, and I’ve got some really cute options for you right here. I love the Striped High Waisted Bikini Bottoms from Forever 21, with the Striped Bandeau Top. The V cut in the bikini top is a perfect match for the slightly more conservative bottoms, making it so subtly sexy.

Summer swimwear forever 21 stripe bikini high waisted bandeau mavatar

As far as coverups go, you seriously can never have too many. They are probably my favorite summer accessory, and a definite must for the beach. Just as with summer swimwear, you have so many options to choose from! I love coverups that can be used day to night, and Saks has an incredible selection. The Carmen Marc Valvo Chiffon Midi Skirt Coverup is sooo stunning and with the whole sheer dress trend it will look absolutely incredible when paired with a black one piece swimsuit. Another definite favorite of mine is the Vix Swim Wide-Leg Jumpsuit. I would’ve never thought of wearing a jumpsuit to the beach, but with the ease of use and the lightweight fabric, it’s a no-brainer! Plus, this gorgeous turquoise will look incredible with a tan.

turquoise jumpsuit beach coverup summer swimwear neiman marcus mavatar

Check out these and many more of my top summer swimwear and coverup picks in my Cart!

Shop Over 100 Goodies to Finish Out Summer

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Summer is in full swing! Finish it out in style by shopping our Cart of over 100 affordable goodies. As the heat grows, we get a hankering for bright, fun pick-me-ups to bring a fresh spin to our beauty routine or tech accessories.

We’re talking hip sunglasses, stylish hats, flash tattoos, quirky phone cases and plenty of hair accessories to keep hair up, up and away from the face as you battle the heat.

Sport easy, bright lips. Go for bold colors in watercolor-like finishes. Peripera Peri’s Water Tint in Orange creates juicy lips that look fabulous with a bare face.

Cover up. Protect your face from sunlight by donning a straw hat. This Forever 21 Straw Boater Hat has a comfortable, wide brim to shield your precious skin from rays.

Pin it back. Keep hair out of your face with chic embellished bobby pins. Claire’s Rose Gold Triangle Bobby Pins are perfect to keep in your makeup bag in case milkmaid braids have to be done on the run.

Freshen up with a new scent. Perfumes can feel heavy when it’s 90 degrees and above. Ditch your eau de parfum for a light and airy body spray. Body Fantasies Signature Cucumber Melon Body Spray cools you down and won’t battle with the heat. Pro tip: keep it in the fridge for a crisp cool-down that smells amazing.

Have fun with your eyes. If you’re going out for dinner and drinks, you don’t want to reapply a bright lip color. Add some drama to the eyes, but do it in a new way with glitter liquid liner. A quick cat eye flick looks modern with glowing skin and a nude lip for evening. Forever 21 Glitter Liner is a cheap way to try out the look.

Retro Video Game Characters Gift Items

July 23rd, 2015 by


Pixels is coming out this weekend and despite the bad reviews, I would still watch the film just to see some old school video game icons like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Plus, Peter Dinklage has a role in the movie! With the next season of Game of Thrones a year away, I would definitely pay to see Tyrion Lannister. Anyway, since it’s Throwback Thursday this Cart is dedicated to my childhood and everyone else’s since I surely miss the days when life was simpler and days were spent on video games all day every day.

When it comes to retro games, nothing beats the classic Pac-Man. The simplicity of the game brought a lot of fun. Even until today Pac-Man is still alive with merchandise like shirts, laundry hampers and even party supplies from stores such as Walmart, JC Penney and Kohl’s! I wouldn’t be shocked to see some Pac-Man characters on Halloween. Feel good with some Pac-Man plush toys and shirts to get a feel of the game again. Or better yet, just search Pac-Man on Google and enjoy one game or ten!

Next up on this throwback Cart is Mario, of course. I would never forget those days when I played Mario Cart on my Gameboy for hours and not get tired of it. It’s cool that there are still some Mario games out in recent years and even the younger kids today would still recognize Mario, Luigi and the rest of the gang. Kohl’s has some nice Mario shirts for both kids and adults and it’s just amazing how Mario has evolved over the years.

Another game that I spent hours on my Gameboy was Pokemon. I don’t know with you but Pokemon was probably the best game I ever played on my Gameboy. The characters are awesome and I think it’s awesome that they still release Pokemon games even today. If only I had a Nintendo 3DS to play those games on.

In my childhood workspace I also had a Playstation 1 and I remember using that on games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Crash Bandicoot. It’s unfortunate that I could not find any Tekken or Crash Bandicoot merchandise but Street Fighter has a bunch in Walmart. They even have a Chun Li and Ryu costumes that would be great for parties and marathons especially if you live in San Francisco.

There are a lot more retro video game merchandise in Mavatar’s supported stores. Surely JC Penney, Walmart or Kohl’s would have something from your favorite childhood games. Instead of going through all those stores to search items, you can easily get all the items from Mavatar. Save yourself time and money as you get the best deals automatically! I sure did save a lot and now I could spare some time playing Pac-Man on Google! Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

Heading Back to College: The Essentials

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Heading back to College is a little different than elementary school. You may need pens and paper, but I do not think you’ll need an Ana & Elsa lunchbox for recess. New and trendy clothes are a given when returning from summer. No one wants to shop at all these stores to look for back to school clothes! I admit I still need to do my fair share of back to school shopping. On mavatar.com I picked out some clothes and other items  for individuals Heading Back to College!

Although I love looking like I just walked off the runway, the clothes you wear to class have to be comfy and simple. Light fabrics and versatile patterns allow you to effortlessly mix and match items together. A great find was the striped racer back tank top; paired with the mustard yellow wrap-front skirt makes this trendy and comfortable!

It’s college so there’s going to be many nights of going out with friends. Embellished pieces and smoky makeup will make you a knockout! But if you are a lazy fashionista like me, a jumpsuit or romper is a perfect going out piece. The black strapless fitted jumpsuit I discovered by Guess is perfect for going out to bars or a small kick back. The jumpsuit with colored chandelier earrings is a perfect outfit for anyone heading back to college.

The dorms, campus, and classroom may be your runway but a student isn’t just about the fashion and friends. I recommend purchasing a nice stationary set for you to write letters to friends and family with. Yes, we may have Facebook but a written letter is so much more personal! (I have also learned that written Thank you letters go a long way in the business world)  With all that writing though, you’re going to need a cup of tea beside you. I recommend purchasing a nice coffee mug while you sweat next to those text books. A reusable to-go cup will be your life saver when you’re running late in the mornings as well.

If you are Heading Back to College like me, you know the drill; A new backpack, syllabuses, and lots of school pride. If you are heading to college for the first time, I’m jealous! I cannot wait to be Heading Back to College with some of the stuff I bought on Mavatar. Until then, I will soak up the last drops of summer!

Update Your Wardrobe with Fall 2015 Trends

July 22nd, 2015 by


Fall garb is already trickling into stores. The beauty of shopping Mavatar supported stores like Last Call? You can snag a few of the trends for a steal. Fall 2015 trends call for a more is more approach to fashion. Think rich textures and fabrics, deep hues and graphic prints for an instant pick-me-up for the basics in your wardrobe.

1. Stacked heel boots. We discussed how awesome stacked heel boots are for your health a couple of weeks ago. They’re “in” for fall, which means it’s prime time to buy chunky, stacked heel boots that won’t cause pain to your lower back, calves and feet. Fall 2015 trends for stacked heel boots are all about mixing it up. Think colorblocking, suede and quilted leather like the Aquatalia Sweetie Quilted Leather Moto Boot.

2. Optical graphic prints. On dresses, tops and bags, go for an optical graphic print. The print is sleek and modern, and looks great with everything from a plain pencil skirt to black denim. The beauty of the silk optic graphic print blouse is it adds new life peeking from beneath a suit jacket. The Diane Von Furstenberg Lorelei Striped Silk Blouse is as versatile as any solid button-up in your wardrobe. Bring optic graphic prints to every look with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Crossbody Optical Stripe Multi Bag. This bold bag packs a style punch despite its mini size.

3. The updated moto jacket. You probably already have a black or brown moto jacket in your closet. Elevate your off-duty style with an updated moto jacket. First, think outside of the usual suspects for colors. This Dex Double Lapel Zip Trim Crop Jacket in Pink Blush is a welcomed way to shake up your fall wardrobe. When anchored by colors like navy, black, gray and bordeaux, the dusty blush tone is right at home for fall. Details like a draped fit, double lapels, bold hardware or a hood on a moto jacket are simple ways to make this basic new for fall.

4. Shoulder bags. Throw it over the shoulder in style this fall with the Hare + Hart Large Leather Combo Bucket Bag. This bag goes over the shoulder with ease, sports colorblocking with two fabrics and is roomy enough for your iPad mini and a bottle of water.

5. The midi skirt. For some time, the midi bag has tried to weasel its way into mainstream trends and it’s finally crossed the finish line for fall 2015 trends. Go for a timeless color you can keep in your wardrobe for years — remember the midi skirt trend always cycles through fashion every few years, so you want a color you can hold onto. This Halston Heritage Studded Midi Skirt will freshen up any existing shirts in your wardrobe. This skirt looks great with stacked heel sandals and mules right now, and will transition to fall seamlessly with tights and boots.

Room Decor with Abstract Wall Art

July 21st, 2015 by


What I love about abstract wall art is that it can go with any room as long as you pick the right color scheme. If you want to redecorate, you never have to get rid of your abstract paintings or posters, because they are so easy to repurpose. Plus, there is something so fascinatingly beautiful about different colors splattered on the paper!

While you might get tired of the surreal or the romantic paintings–they do get old and you might want to change things up to get something more fresh–abstract wall art rarely gets on people’s nerves. Plus, you’re always finding something new every time you look at an abstract painting, which definitely keeps you from getting bored with it!

abstract-wall-art-home-decor-living-room-fireplace-chairs-mavatarI love the way the abstract wall art gives this romantic room a pop of color and modernity. It definitely transforms the whole space!

I found tons of really beautiful abstract wall art pieces of all price ranges that can liven up any room, from kitchens to bedrooms! You can even hang them outside to give a little bit of an umph to your patio or balcony. Neiman Marcus has an incredible abstract wall art selection, and I suggest you pick one up for yourself as soon as possible! I love the way this paint
Check out the rest of my Cart filled with gorgeous abstract wall art, and do some redecoration this summer!


Polka Dots

July 21st, 2015 by

polka dots-fashion-trends girl wearing polka dots for the summer.  Summer Fashion trends and styles


If there’s one pattern I’m crazy about, it’s polka dots! I personally own a crazy amount of polka dot apparel and I think everyone else should too. Polka dots is such an easy pattern to wear because there is usually a two color scheme to match with and if you are feeling expressive, you can always get colorful with your choices.


I believe polka dots are best used when they are an accessory. A polka dot bag or socks can really add a pop of excitement to your outfit. Polka dot socks come in all colors and can add fun to a serious wardrobe or sophistication to a fun outfit.


When it comes to using polka dots as your main outfit, it’s best to use solid, complementary colors for the rest of the outfit to allow the polka dots to be the focal point of the outfit. For example, a polka dot shirt from  with pink and white polka dots would work best with a neutral bottom like khaki or navy. A polka dot dress can be so elegant and calm in design that a netural like black would contrast the dress without taking away from the dress aesthetic.


Polka dots are a trend that never truly dies. Right now, polka dots is very “in” for the summer and is something that we should all take advantage of because you can never have too many dots!

Mavatar Blogger Meet and Greet

July 21st, 2015 by

Mavatar Featured Editors and the Mavatar Team at the Mavatar meet and greet

On Friday, July 17th Mavatar invited 8 fashion and lifestyle bloggers to join us in getting to know each other and exploring Mavatar and future partnerships! They learned about how Mavatar works and shared their experiences in the blogging world, as well as some of the challenges they’ve faced in monetizing their content. The Mavatar team was happy to learn and take notes on how to improve our own Influencer Program!

Mavatar’s Editors are influencers that range from bloggers to celebrities. Mavatar provides our influencers with a unique way to monetize their content by creating Carts. The benefits of being a Mavatar editor include a larger audience, organized shopping items, and commission made on every sale from your Carts! Plus, Mavatar’s links never expire, and influencers have the ability to add the latest items directly from their favorite stores, without waiting for the noisy affiliate network feed to update.

Here are the bloggers that attended the meet and greet:

Mavatar Editor Meileena at the Mavatar Blogger Meet and Greet
Meileena created her blog Muse Meileena to combine all aspects of lifestyle and fashion into one platform. Her blog includes posts about beauty, travel and everything in between. We’re glad to have her as one of our Featured Editors and can’t wait to see the Carts she creates!!

Mavatar Featured Editor Emily from Emsemble posing at Mavatar meet and greet for bloggers.
Emily has her own blog known as Emsemble. A small town girl with big city fashion sense, Emily has revolved her blog around different styles and trends to keep her readers interested and her content fresh. We can’t wait to see the diversity in style that Emily will bring!

Michelle & Nicole-http://www.thedelightfulstyle.com/
Mavatar Featured Editor The Delightful Style posing at the Mavatar meet and greet for fashion bloggers,

Michelle and Nicole combine their fashion interests and created The Delightful Style. Their blog revolves around everything fashion and portray both class and sass to their style to keep their readers engaged. With these twins being Featured Editors for Mavatar, we can expect double the fashion sense mixed into one Cart!

Mavatar Featured Editor Celina from Gem of the Sea posing at the Mavatar meet and greet for fashion bloggers
Celina from Gem Of The Sea has made her blog about her personal style inspiring her readers to redesign their outfits and have a little bit of Northern California in it. Celina will provide Mavatar with a personal edge of Northern California that we can barely wait to see!

Mavatar Featured Editor Tammy posing at the Mavatar meet and greet for bloggers.
Tammy created her blog TammyXLee to show the world fashion through her eyes and to share her travel adventures. She’s from The Bay Area but we are excited to see where Tammy takes Mavatar next!

Mavatar Featured Editor Zoha at the Mavatar meet and greet with fashion bloggers
Zoha created Posh to Ganache to combine her two passions: Fashion and Dessert. Zoha’s blog is full of such great pictures and fashion/dessert advice. We here at Mavatar are excited to see Zoha’s perspective on style while also satisfying our sweet tooth!


One of Mavatar's Featured Editors Pauline posing at the Mavatar meet and greet
Pauline’s blog Lovely Lyfestyle captures all the things that excite Pauline which include fashion, food,travel, etc. Her blog serves as a platform for expression. With Pauline working with Mavatar, she will express her passion for fashion and bring excitement to her Carts!

At the end of the meet and greet, we interviewed the bloggers for our Periscope Channel, to get a sense of their experiences in fashion. Luckily for you, we’ve also uploaded it to YouTube, so you can see their tips and tricks on blogging right here!

Last, but definitely not least, was Quickeecam. Quickeecam is an incredible photobooth, that lets you take photos and text or email them to yourself. Thanks to the Quickeecam team, we now have one in our office! Of course we had to have some fun with it…

Mavatar meet and greet

Bloggers and Co-Founder Susan Akbarpour posing at the Mavatar Meet and Greet

Co-Founder Susan Akbarpour and bloggers The Delightful Style at the Mavatar meet and greet

Fashion Bloggers at the Mavatar meet and greet

Blogger meeting at the Mavatar meet and greet for fashion bloggers.

Mavatar gift bag at Mavatar meet and greet

You can see the rest of the event photos on our Facebook album. We’re so excited to be working with these bloggers and can’t wait to see the Carts they create and share with us! Keep an eye out for these ladies!

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Back To the Future: Vintage Clothing With A Twist

July 21st, 2015 by

back-to-the-future-vintage-fashion“You never know what ya’ got until it’s gone” (I like to think that saying is referring to styles and trends).  But no need to worry because it’s all coming back!  Vintage clothing has been the most prominent style of our generation. It could be because previous generation’s styles are worth making a come-back… or maybe it’s just because we ran out of new styles to create! Whatever the reason… one thing is for sure; VINTAGE CLOTHING WILL ALWAYS LOOK TRENDY!

Vintage clothing includes such a vast variety of styles, but that’s what gives everyone the chance to at least look somewhat unique from each other. I know from my own personal styles, I like to stick with styles from around the 1970s to 1990s. Of course any vintage clothing from before or even after that time period always looks fabulous too. But, the best part about vintage clothing is that you can practically wear whatever you want and no one can really ever judge!

Our generation has also put our own twist to vintage clothing. We have simultaneously created a blend of the past, present, and future… which is exactly why this cart takes you… well… back to the future! While vintage clothing does mainly come from fashion trends of the past, many new trends are very futuristic at the same time. A lot of different cuts and materials are used in these recent trends, giving older styles a more modern and futuristic vibe to it. One super trendy example of new materials that have added a futuristic twist to vintage clothing is the use of clear glittery plastic. You can find clear clothes, shoes, and accessories almost everywhere now! And more specifically… ones with GLITTER!! Another trending design is metallics.  You can find metallic prints on jackets, shoes, backpacks, you name it!  Metallic prints were mostly seen in the ’80s along with many neon colors, but have totally made a come-back in the past year or so.  These designs have just become the most perfect blend of vintage clothing and future trends, adding some spice to the past!

So tighten up those scrunchies ladies, and get ready to look like the hottest blast from the past yet!

Find Flower Power in Floral Prints

July 20th, 2015 by


Find flower power in floral prints for the remainder of summer. These bold floral prints are ideal for making a splash at a wedding or family BBQ. The intense colors and swirling abstract floral prints kick things up a notch with one standout piece like a floral top or floral shoes.

How to Pick Floral Prints

Floral prints are one of the most wearable prints around. Not used to prints? Opt for a dark background with small to medium-sized flowers throughout the garment. The dark background anchors the print, making it easier to pair with other pieces in your closet. Even if you choose a light background, small to medium-sized flowers stand out. Feeling bold? Large floral prints are where it’s all when you want to make a grand statement. We love large floral prints on skirts and pants especially, since they serve as the statement piece for the outfit.

Floral Print Accessories

Add a floral print to many looks you wear with floral print accessories. A floral print bag or sandals add a whimsical colorful spin to your look. A cross-body bag or sporty sandals in floral prints let you lighten things up for a fun look on a sunny day or vacation at a beach locale. When traveling, a floral print cover-up and swimsuit also fit the bill for hanging poolside and taking in the scene.

Floral Prints Make Us Smile

Love floral prints daily? Snag a compact, makeup case or perfume with floral embellishments. Who doesn’t want to look at flowers every day?

Marvel’s Ant-Man Gift Ideas!

July 17th, 2015 by


Summer is always an awesome time for movies. It’s mid-July and every weekend there is always a good film to see. This week is not different with Marvel’s Ant-Man! With Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers all big box office successes in the last couple of years, Ant-Man is surely not going to disappoint. Everyone will be excited, and sure the kids would want all those Ant-Man merchandise.

Ant-Man comes out at a perfect time in the summer while everyone is out of school and on vacation for the most part. I would not be shocked if there would be a lot of Ant-Man-themed parties or hangouts in the coming months. This Ant-Man-themed Cart will surely get those kids ecstatic! This Cart has everything tha you could think of, ranging from stickers and decals to t-shirts. For those kids having birthdays soon and those little ones you haven’t seen in a long time, this Cart could serve as a guide for gift ideas. You cannot go wrong with Ant-Man merchandise since it is one of the bigger movies out this year!

What’s great is Mavatar just started supporting the Disney Store, which owns Marvel, so all the latest Ant-Man items are in the Mavatar marketplace! Isn’t that cool? Also, Mavatar has lots of Ant-Man items from various stores such as Kohl’s and Walmart so you don’t have to worry about looking through other stores to get some Ant-Man merchandise. On top of that, you get the best deals by shopping through Mavatar so you will definitely get those ant-sized prices while looking like a big hero for those little kiddos!