6 Fall Nail Polish Colors

September 4th, 2015 by


Get on trend on the cheap by elevating your nail polish to these six fall nail polish colors. Get ready for cozy knits, structured bags and leather pants with the help of these chic fall nail polish colors — no nail art skills required! The best part? All of these fall nail polish colors work for any occasion from work meetings to your BFF’s b-day party.

1. Deep purple. Eggplant and almost-black hues of purple are hot for fall 2015. Perfect for the office or play, a color this deep requires a nice base coat to prevent staining.

2. Navy. Similar to deep purple, this is a clean look for any occasion. Navy offers more depth than black, which is why it’s flattering on every skin tone. Look for a creme finish for every day. Wanna go trendy? Opt for a matte top coat for a look that was shown during the fall runway shows.

3. Strong metallics. We’re talking bold metallic finishes that have a mirror-like look. Not for wallflowers, this fall nail polish trend creates a stylish look like nail art without the hassle.

4. Dusty pale purple. Gray-toned purples are hot for fall 2015. This trend suits most skin tones because the range of gray-toned purples varies greatly. The spectrum ranges from pale gray-lavender to deep smoky purple.

5. Duo chrome blue. Deep blue with a duo chrome effect of gold, green or silver amps up the conventional fall nail polish colors this year.

6. Magenta. Yup, the color commonly associated with spring and summer makes an appearance for fall. You’ll notice plenty of bubblegum pink and magenta in fashion for fall, so why not sport the shade on your nails? Not a “pink” girl? Check out deep magenta shades which have the same posh effect of gray and black.

20+ Moto Jackets to Channel Fall

September 3rd, 2015 by


The moto jacket is a must. Already have it in black? Opt for army green, burgundy or gray this season. It isn’t all about leather either. We’re all about knit moto jackets that work well at the office with a blouse and skirt and can go totally weekend over a V-neck and skinny jeans.

Plus Size Moto Jackets
Our Cart is packed with plenty of plus size moto jackets for the pickin’! Whether you want a plus size leather motorcycle jacket or a knit option, there are plus size moto jackets in a variety of colors and fabrics. Our tip for shopping plus size moto jackets: if you have trouble finding the right fit in jackets because of shoulders and arms, look for a moto jacket with a knit back or arms (or both. This gives extra stretch in these places versus leather or other non-stretch fabrics. It’s the best way to ensure you’re comfortable and fuss-free when rocking your moto jacket.

Petite Moto Jacket
Petite sizes struggle with finding the perfect moto jacket because the style tends to be boxy. To avoid a shapeless moto jacket, look for those specifically sized for petites or look for a regular size cropped moto jacket. This means the torso will be tailored and slightly shorter than the standard moto jacket, which means it’s perfect for the petite frame.

How much should I spend on a moto jacket?
The moto jacket is trendy right now, but honestly it’s a style that constantly goes around and comes back in style every few years. Depending on your own personal style, the moto jacket may be a classic for your aesthetic. As with any item, consider cost per wear (CPW) to determine how much you should spend on a moto jacket. Because so many brands and stores are doing moto jackets, it’s easy to try the trend out for $50 or under, then invest in a pricier version if you find yourself wearing the jacket all day every day.

Transitional Home Style

September 2nd, 2015 by

Transitional home style is a must for those who want to change their style from time to time. It’s all about warmth, but not from color — from luxe fabrics and streamlined shapes that are comfortable to live in and around.

The lines of transitional style furniture and design elements are typically straight. The occasional soft, sweeping curve may be thrown in for good measure. This furniture style usually contains light, simple fabric with occasional bright color or stripes to complete the look. Whenever you can create harmony between the old and new worlds without annoying the eyes, you have successfully created a transitional style. Transitional home style also refers to pieces that can go in many style directions depending on your home style at the time. The Old Hickory Tannery Galvin Three-Piece Sectional Sofa is one of those classic glamorous couches that works with the old and new. Because of the bottom frame, this three-piece sectional sofa has the look of an infinity pool and just drops off for a timeless look.

Take the glamour outside with the Neiman Marcus White Faux-Bamboo Outdoor Sofa. Make your outdoor seating area chic and minimalist or cozy and bright — regardless, this outdoor sofa gets the job done with a style that works no matter the aesthetic you choose. Another versatile piece is the Ralph Lauren Pharmacy Floor Lamp. Pop it into the corner of a study room, office area of the living room or even in a bedroom for a sleek look that works with various decor.

When I remodeled my French Normandy 85 years old house, I changed my old furniture and hardwood, opting for a cool charcoal gray finish and got rid of 95% of my yellow, red, orange and gold embellishments. I picked two shades of soft purple velvets and added some spots of blue here and there. To my surprise my Persian floral rugs with all those details still worked. What really completed the look were polished nickel chandeliers and knobs that replaced the gold and bronze I previously had. Don’t discount places like Walmart when seeking out stylish home decor. We spotted this fabulous ELK Lighting Hemispheres Chandelier, which has all style of a high end light fixture.

Louboutin Lipstick: Christian Louboutin Releases the long-awaited Louboutin Charme

September 1st, 2015 by

christian louboutin lipstick collection necklace louboutin charme

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the Louboutin Charme Lipstick is here! Every since the eponymous shoe designer released his nail polish last year, the world has discovered the potential Christian Louboutin has in the world of beauty. While the Louboutin nail polish was the obvious first choice–after all, he came up with the idea of the red sole when he borrowed red nail polish from a friend, and painted it–but Louboutin lipstick was definitely on the minds of anyone and everyone. You can shop all the lipstick options on Mavatar today!

velvet matte christian louboutin lipstick collection colors shades louboutin charme gold mavatarThe packaging of the lipstick is incredible enough to buy a tube just because. Louboutin Charme has hints of the Middle East, with gold tubes and gold and jeweled crowns on top. It has a similar stiletto shape as the nail polish, which we’ve grown to absolutely love. In addition, the lipsticks double as charms, so you can wear it as a necklace too. Are you convinced yet?

sheer voile christian louboutin lipstick collection colors shades louboutin charme gold mavatarThe Louboutin Lipstick comes in three different finishes: Velvet Matte, Silky Satin, and Sheer Voile. It comes in a total of 38 shades, so there’s definitely something for everyone. In addition, Christian Louboutin also released a Rouge Louboutin lipstick, which is his signature Louboutin Rouge color. Now your lips can really match your shoes.

silky satin christian louboutin lipstick collection colors shades louboutin charme gold mavatar

Finally, in addition to the incredible Louboutin Lipstick, there is also the Louboutin lipliner–or Lip Definer, as it’s called. This looks almost exactly like the nail polish, with the sharp stiletto (also doubling as a self-defense weapon) is paired with the jeweled top. Take our money Christian, take it all!

Shop all the Louboutin Lipsticks and Lip Definer on Mavatar, and see coupons get automatically applied!

How to Dress like Serena van der Woodsen

August 25th, 2015 by

serena van der woodsen fashion outfits style gossip girl blake lively red skirt pink pants pilot jeans jacket leather brown sequin vest beaded python bag mavatarAre you a major Gossip Girl fan? Do you incessantly stalk Blake Lively on Instagram? (happy birthday, Blake!) Is your goal in life to be Serena van der Woodsen? Join the club.

I don’t think I’ve ever identified with anyone’s style as much as I have with Serena’s. It’s been years since the Gossip Girl finale, yet I still find myself getting outfit inspiration from her looks over the seasons. Every time Blake Lively steps out dressed remotely like Serena, I instantly take notes. After all, Serena van der Woodsen’s style was so fun, so fashionable, and so effortless at the same time, and each outfit came together like magic. It may seem to be impossible to transform yourself into Serena, but stealing her style is easier than you might think. After all, the majority of her outfits are made of at least one of the following items: blazers, sequins, statement jewelry, vests, short skirts or shorts, and skinny jeans. I dare you to find an outfit that doesn’t have a single one of these.

With that said, here’s how to shop these and get one step closer to becoming S. (And by the way, you can find every single item here in my Cart below)

serena van der woodsen gossip girl blake lively style fashion outfit print skirt mini stripe tank top red coral blazer turquoise bag nude pumps sandals christian louboutin mavatar


While she is Queen of Outerwear in general, Serena van der Woodsen loves a good blazer, and she pairs it with anything she can find, from mini skirts to jeans. She wore blazers in countless episodes, and they always add a little bit of structure to an otherwise casual look. Do like Serena and invest in a couple of great well-fitted blazers, and make sure to grab at least one in a fun color, like in her outfit above. Shop this outfit lookalike in my Cart!

serena van der woodsen gossip girl blake lively style fashion outfit blue pants gold sequin blazer jacket white tank spike pumps christian louboutin mavatar


S is for Sequins. Serena cannot live without embellishments, and I can’t remember an episode going by when she did not sparkle. While sequins were ever-present in her going out dresses at the various parties and galas her Upper East Side life demanded, she was also a major fan of daytime sequins. My absolute favorite Serena look is the gold sequin blazer, blue cropped pants one, but if you’re afraid to go this loud with your outfit, there is such a thing as understated sequins. Make sure that the rest of your outfit is casual, and incorporate fabrics like denim or linen.

serena van der woodsen gossip girl blake lively outfit style fashion pink pants fendi grey bag tank top green statement necklace straw fedora hat chanel shopping bag paris heels mavatar

Statement Jewelry

No matter where you look, Serena van der Woodsen is almost always sporting major statement earrings or necklaces. Sometimes she pairs them with outfits that should be too busy, but it always comes out perfectly. Of course statement jewelry doesn’t require a lot of prep for the rest of your outfit, but for bonus Serena points don’t be afraid to add it to almost any outfit. Either match one of the colors in your getup with your earrings/necklace, or choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your outfit–like Serena’s green necklace and her pink pants.

Serena van der woodsen gossip girl maxi skirt red long white top grey sequin vest waistcoat nude pumps python bag snakeskin style fashion outfit mavatar


Say yes to the vest. Vests were an absolutely crucial part of Serena’s wardrobe all through Gossip Girl, and they can seriously pick up any outfit in a heartbeat. Shopping for vests worthy of Queen S is easy–whether it’s sequins, denim, tie dye, or fur, Serena wore them all.

Serena van der woodsen gossip girl short skirt print skirt mini skirt sequin beaded top yellow bag yellow python snakeprint shoes pumps heels fashion style outfit clothes mavatar

Short Skirts & Shorts

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, am I right? Blake Lively is notorious for her amazing long legs, so Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman knew what he was doing when he put Serena in short skirts and shorts time and time again. With the exception of maxi skirts and dresses (which, by the way, Serena also loves) every outfit showed off her legs. Even during winter Serena didn’t stop wearing short skirts–she just paired them with fun tights.

Serena van der woodsen gossip girl pilot episode 1 outfit jeans brown leather jacket striped top boots gucci bag blake lively fashion style outfit mavatar

Skinny Jeans

Speaking of showing off her legs–skinny jeans are another great way to do it. A good pair of jeans is a must in every girl’s closet, especially if she is a fellow SWB (Serena Wanna-Be). Serena usually chose dark wash for her jeans, but occasionally she wore light grey jeans as well. Plus, jeans go incredibly well with sequins, vests, blazers, and statement jewelry, so it makes sense that S is always reaching for her favorite pair.

Some other things to stock up while shopping for your Serena-inspired wardrobe are sky high heels (the more colors and prints, the better), a variety of statement coats, boots, and big fun bags. The great thing about all of these is that they are so easy to mix and match, and soon enough you will have a closet even Serena would be jealous of. Shop my Serena van der Woodsen Style Cart below, and as always–look to the Queen for outfit inspiration.

National Dog Day: Gifts for Dog and Dog Lovers Alike

August 24th, 2015 by

dog lover glasses girl hug kiss dogs national dog day mavatar dog gifts

National Dog Day is on August 26th, which means that it’s time to shop some accessories for your favorite pooches, or items to show how much of a dog lover you really are! It’s basically Valentine’s Day for you and your dog (why else would it be during Romance Appreciation Month?) so show your support for dogs and dog lovers everywhere by shopping my National Dog Day Cart below.

dog print skater dress fit flare white colorful multicolor bloomingdales essentiel national dog day mavatar

Nothing screams “I love dogs” quite as much as this Essentiel Dog Print Dress from Bloomingdale’s. Did you ever think you would be able to make a fashion statement, and look cute and stylish (not to mention, completely normal) when covered in dogs? Of course my dream to be covered in actual puppies might not come true any time soon, but until then I have this dress. Show those cat lovers how it’s done!

woof white mug dog national dog day mavatar

If you’re not quite ready to yell out your love of dogs this National Dog Day, you can go for a more understated option–the Forever 21 Woof Dog Graphic Mug. I feel that the extremely casual “woof” on the mug is like a secret code of dog lovers everywhere–if you see your coworker with this mug, you must immediately nod in an extremely cryptic manner, and whisper “woof” in return. By the way, this mug makes a great gift for the friends whose love of dogs you’re unsure about. If they know the code, they’re in.

dog fur coat faux fur national dog day mavatar

Of course we cannot forget about the dog of the hour on August 26th–your pooch himself. While my National Dog Day Cart is filled to the brim with bowls and toys and outfits for all personality types of dogs, my absolute favorite is the following: the Neiman Marcus Exclusive Faux-Fur Coat. That’s right, it’s a fur coat for dogs. A FUR COAT FOR DOGS. It might seem like this would only be useful for the hairless dog type, but just think of the possibilities! You can instantly transform your dog with a totally new fur coat, and disguise your Chihuahua as a Dalmatian. Or your Boxer as a Yorkie. Or your Pug as a Husky. The possibilities are endless. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of dogs in fur coats:

dogs in fur coats yorkie pug chihuahua national dog day mavatar

Shop the rest of my National Dog Day Cart for all kinds of dog related things! From bowls, accessories, toys, clothes, and beds for your dogs, to dog printed ties and shirts, dog themed jewelry, dog home accessories, and pretty much everything you can think of. Happy National Dog Day to you and your best bud–now shop this Cart before it’s Cat Day!

Back to School Essentials: Notebooks

August 19th, 2015 by


It’s that time of the year again when summer is almost over and I make sure to spend the last few days well. Back to school shopping is a top priority especially for those school supplies such as pens and notebooks before the good ones run out in stores. What is school anyway if you’re not going to organize your life and maximize your learning.

Of course, learning doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Adding some fun or creativity to your school items or fashion can definitely change the atmosphere and mood towards learning. One way of doing just that is to be creative with notebooks.

There are lots of notebooks in stores and I am definitely going to look for the ones that suit my preferences. I like notebooks that are either plain and simple or ones that remind me of traveling. I love traveling and having notebook covers with different places and locations definitely inspire me to do well and improve on the things that I do so that I can travel more later on. For the more simpler notebooks, I prefer the ones in plain colors like black or blue and durable enough to last me at least a semester.

Notebooks vary in their purposes. Some would use them as organizers and planners and those are really important to make sure that homework is submitted on time and so there would be enough time to plan studying for exams. Some have journals to jot down ideas, thoughts and emotions and others would use notebooks just to take down notes from class and readings. Whatever type of notebook you are looking for, Mavatar has them all and all you need to do is browse this Cart or do a quick search on the site to get whatever you need!

Fall Bags Under $200

August 19th, 2015 by

Jonesing a new bag, but don’t want to break the bank? We feel ‘ya. Our list of fall bags under $200 are both on trend and budget conscious.

Fast fashion has undergone a major quality overhaul in the past year. Don’t be afraid to check out new bags from budget savvy stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Fall focuses on structured, ladylike bags with a modern twist. Case in point: this lovely H&M tote with a long strap. This can be your workhorse bag in the week and translates great for brunch and shopping on the weekend. This particular style is available in burgundy and blush, two colors that are perfectly on trend for fall.

H&M also brings us this fabulous Suede Handbag. The rust tone is great with the earthy tones of fall most of us know and love. The bag also hits on the ’70s trend that carried over from spring. Try it with a loose top, skinny jeans and ankle boots, or opt for a turtleneck and high waist flared pants once the weather cools down.

Sporty bags are having a moment and we love the interpretation of the trend with this Rebecca Minkoff MAC Nylon Cross-Body Bag. The colorblocking and wipe-clean nylon fabric are perfect for city life. For those of us who live in all-black everything when it comes to exercise gear, a punch of color like this cross-body adds some life to your look. Craving a smaller take on the burgundy trend we mentioned before? The Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair Quilted Cross-body Bag is a grand little bag with enough room for your essentials.

The day clutch is perfect for popping into your larger work bag or taking out in the evening for the movies or grabbing a drink with friends. This Forever 21 Racing Stripe Faux Leather Clutch has bold stripes making it ideal for that style punctuation that finishes off a look.

Fall Must-Haves

August 18th, 2015 by

fall trends and a girl wearing sweaters scarves and tops

With fall right around the corner, I have everything you must-have and some things you didn’t know you needed. Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion because of the diversity and options that comes with it. As the leaves begin to change, your outfits transform as well. Instead of wearing simple shorts and tops like summer, layers get added and give a defining element to your look. Creative, loose aesthetics and unique fabrics make fall a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Shopping with Mavatar will also help you save money while shopping because we automatically apply coupons and deals to eligible items. This Cart has items from amazing stores such as Forever 21, Bloomingdales and H&M

Sweaters and cardigans are a must-have for fall. With the temperature beginning to “fall”, cardigans add warmth and keep your look light and elegant. Cardigans have been really picking up in popularity this season and should be expected to be seen everywhere you go. When it comes to sweaters, try to stay away from thick materials and turtlenecks and stick to ribbed material with warm colors and simple designs.

Jackets are my favorite part about fall. Jackets become cooler and cooler every year and I always get excited to wear them in fall. Utility jackets are a must-have in fall outfits and should be the same in yours. These jackets allow for a effortless look and keep you protected from wind. Tying the jacket changes your aesthetic and makes you look more proper and professional. I also approve of biker jackets because they are a timeless piece. Putting on a biker jacket to a white tee and jeans instantly adds a sassy personality to your look.

Fall is known for its boots. Boots are perfect for fall because they can be dressed up or down. The versatility from a brown boot transcends beyond trends and keeps you grounded. Chelsea boots are here to stay! These easy slip on boots come in all colors and usually come in suede, which gives you a subtle difference in your look. High knee boots are also coming back and can be worn with some denim to really put the look all together.

Nobody likes to be late, so make sure that this fall you stay warm, comfortable and stylish with Mavatar!

Style Icon: Kendall Jenner

August 18th, 2015 by

Last week we profiled supermodel Lauren Hutton’s easy breezy, but always chic style. This week? We look to the future of the runway with reality star-turned-runway model Kendall Jenner. Jenner’s style is contemporary minimalist with a dash of trendy.


Kendall Jenner Style Tips

1. Strong separates. Jenner’s off-duty style always consists of strong separates. This may be the perfect moto jacket or a long duster. Either way it’s simple separates that make a statement when worn together. The result is surprisingly wearable. Channel Jenner’s easy going luxe style with this Banana Republic Leather Moto Jacket. The hardware and leather straps give it that effortlessly cool look the model is known for. A great coat is also a must for Jenner’s style and we’re mad about this Forever 21 Houndstooth-Patterned Trench Coat. Wear it over everything from the office to Sunday outdoor hangouts.

2. The skinny jeans never leave. As much as we want to try other silhouettes, we have to agree with Kendall’s style: the skinny jean never gets old. Worn with everything from loafers to slip-on sneakers, Jenner makes the most of her skinny jeans. Sometimes they’re destroyed denim, other times it’s a sleek dark rinse, but the silhouette is always slim. Get the look for fall with the Gap 1969 True Skinny Solid Color Jean. The hunter green hue is great for those who already have a closet of the basics (black, dark rinse and gray). Need to dress up basic skinnies? Opt for the Banana Republic Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Skinny Ankle Pant. The faux leather front half make these skinny jeans worth investing in and the stretch back makes them comfortable enough to dance the night away.

3. Accessories count. The fedora and structured bag are mainstays for Kendall Jenner’s style. We love these accessories because they make any basic outfit on trend. Jenner often wears a fluid tank top, skinny jeans and ankle boots, which is an outfit nearly everyone already owns. Add a fedora and structured bag to the mix and you now have a look that’s uber fresh. Get the look with this Forever 21 Classic Colorblock Fedora and the Gap Leather Chelsea Boots. Both are classics for fall that just happen to say 2015.






Berry Lips for Every Skin Tone

August 17th, 2015 by

The berry lip color has taken over for fall and we have the best berry lips for every skin tone. Berry can seem tricky to wear, but in reality it is a versatile, flattering hue that instantly livens up the face when worn with relatively little makeup.

Shop Berry Lipstick for Every Skin Tone

Find the Right Lip Color
Fair skin should choose berry lip color with a slight blue hue or blue undertone. Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Grandest Grape is a rich magenta with a soft shine finish. This is a great every day berry lip color for those with pale skin. Medium and olive skin tones can reach for a berry lip that leans more purple like MAC Sin. Deep skin tones can opt for a rich berry color like Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Vintage Wine. Love bright berry tones? Fashion Fair Lipstick in Chocolate Raspberry is perfect for those who want a deep magenta hue that pops.

How to Keep Lips Smooth for Bold Lipstick
Anyone who’s ever worn a bold lip only to see it seep into cracks after a few hours knows that smooth lips are key for the perfect berry lips. Use a lip primer like Estee Lauder Lip Conditioner before you put on lipstick to smooth the surface of the lips. This means you won’t have to go to the hassle of exfoliating before every application.

Use a Lip Brush
Any shade of berry lipstick can be difficult to put on quickly. Make it happen fast without any mistakes by using a lip brush. Those with a tapered brush are great for thin lips, while a square lip brush shape is ideal for full lips. Try the Giorgio Armani Lip Brush for thin lips. Full lips can reach for the Estee Lauder Lip Brush 35, which lets you cover plenty of surface with one swoop.

5 Jewelry Trends for Fall

August 14th, 2015 by


Need a quick revamp in the accessories department? Make it happen with these five jewelry trends for fall.

1. Tortoise shell print. The ultimate mix of shades of brown and metal has become popular for jewelry. We love tortoise print because it looks polished and classic, but adds depth to your look. This Michael Kors Logo-Plated Bangle Bracelet is perfect for breaking up an arm party of metal bracelets.

2. Stones and marble jewelry. We’re mad for the jewelry trend of stones and marble. The rich look makes it easy to add an organic element to any outfit. Try a mix of stones like this Forever 21 Faux Stone Jewelry Set. Make any top come to life with the Forever 21 Layered Faux Stone Necklace, which incorporates the linear jewelry trend.

3. Mixed metals. Mix it up for fall with a mix of silver, rose gold and yellow gold in one piece. This mixed metal jewelry trend is perfect for updating basics like hoop earrings. The Michael Kors Tri-Tone Whisper Hoop Earrings are perfect for work or the weekend and incorporate all metals in one piece.

4. Linear jewelry. Long, simple shapes are where it’s at for earrings and necklaces. For earrings that work daily, opt for the Forever 21 Faux Stone Drop Earrings, which offer a trendy look, but are elegant enough for the office. Have a dressy event on your fall schedule? Check out the ABS by Allen Schwartz Linear Chandelier Earrings, which have an elongating effect, when worn with an updo or chignon.

5. Big rings. Out with the old and in with the new — and the new is big rings. Forget the delicate stackable rings from the past few seasons. Jewelry trends for fall call for rings that make a big statement with one chunky ring. A mix of rich stones, hammered metal and bold colors (or all three features in one ring) comprise the latest crop of trendy rings like this Alexis Bittar Elements Labrodite Cocktail Ring. The fuss-free trend is perfect for the textured, simple silhouettes of fall.

Fall Trends from Michael Kors

August 13th, 2015 by

Fall is almost here so we’re seeing the latest fall trends from Michael Kors. We love Michael Kors for his approachable fashion and accessories that make day-to-day dressing a breeze for the modern woman. With these fall trends form Michael Kors you’re sure to be a fashion plate for the season.

Michael Kors Fall Bags
It’s all about structured shapes and a bevy of new neutrals fit for every wardrobe. Forget the basics — the color palette for Michael Kors fall bags are all about the unexpected. Think dusty plum, soft blush and rich red. The colors are fresh for fall, but play well with the neutrals you likely already have in your closet. Hardware is major trend for fall with grommets and studs on everything from day clutches to cross-body bags. It’s all about style and function with the Michael Kors fall bags. Whether you are seeking out a workhorse tote or a cute weekend bag, there’s plenty to choose from. Saffiano leather in plush shades like structured silhouettes pale blue, quilted leather bags in crisp almond and cushy bucket bags in olive are just a few of the picks from the Michael Kors fall bag collection.

Michael Kors Clothing
Update your wardrobe for fall with a few pieces from the Michael Kors clothing collection. Michael Kors does modern American fashion like no one else, so you’ve come to the right place for go-to basics that will stay relevant in your closet for years to come. There are many versatile pieces in the Michael Kors fall 2015 collection including jersey maxi and midi length dresses, sumptuous suede jackets and skirts and comfortable ponte pants that go from work to weekend with the change of shoes. Colors like army green, chocolate and python print round out the Michael Kors fall collection for an easy palette that mixes in with items you currently own. These python print pants make a style statement and work with a simple silk blouse and pumps for the office or a leather jacket and boots on the weekend.

Michael Kors Shoes
Shoes set the tone for your outfit, which is why they should be versatile, but offer enough style punch to finish the look. The Michael Kors fall shoe collection has all of the basics you need, but they’re done with a twist offering that perfect punctuation to elevate your style. Think sophisticated leopard print platforms, python print flats and classic riding boots with colorblocking. These are the basic shapes you need for the ideal shoe collection, but they’re done in a way that makes any simple outfit look on trend. The Alexia Ankle Strap Pointed Pumps are perfect for everything from dresses to pantsuits.

College Dorm Decor: Back to School Decorations

August 12th, 2015 by

dorm decor college dorm room bed desk shelf white red mavatar shoppable content

First day of school is right around the corner, and many of you are moving into your new college dorms. Being away from home for the first time it’s crucial to feel comfortable and happy in your new living space, so dorm decor should be on everyone’s minds! Here are some tips and tricks on how to decorate your dorm room, make it look bigger, and keep it from becoming too cluttered.

One way to ensure your dorm room looks super cute is to pick a theme. I’m really into the combination of white and blue these days, and thankfully many of our supported stores have the right idea! I absolutely love this Cocoon Faux Fur Frosted Butterfly Chair from Walmart–it’s super comfy and adds a perfect touch to our dorm decor.

fur chair white blue cocoon butterfly walmart dorm decor college dorm room mavatar

Keeping a dorm room clean can be hard, and with the small space a little mess usually looks much bigger. That’s why the best idea is to stick to minimalist dorm decor, picking a few pieces that make the whole look come together. Contrary to popular belief, BIG art is what you want to go for–while your instincts may say otherwise, it will actually make your dorm room look bigger! I love the the PTM Images Serenade Canvas Wall Art from Bloomingdale’s–it’s abstract look will go further in increasing the size of your dorm! Another great idea is to hang up a mirror, which will also visually increase the size of your room.

abstract wall art purple blue pink bloomingdale's mavatar

Speaking of functional dorm decor–there really is nothing better. I always opt for fun bedsheets to match the rest of my dorm room. White is always great because it goes with everything and doesn’t take up too much space like dark colored sheets. For dorm decor, I love choosing fun pillow cases, like the Rise and Fall Elephant Pillowcase Set from Forever 21.

moon child pillow case set white forever 21 dorm decor college dorm room mavatar

Check out my Mavatar Dorm Decor Cart for more inspiration, and great dorm decor pieces at Mavatar!

Style Icon: Lauren Hutton

August 12th, 2015 by

With fall around the corner, we’re already dreaming of flared dark rinse denim and whiskey suede booties. What better way to channel the look than by looking at photos of supermodel Lauren Hutton? The supermodel honed her style in the ’70s, which is why her aesthetic is perfect for fall or anyone who wants a classic, crisp look for their wardrobe.


Lauren Hutton Style Tips

1. Go for flared jeans and stacked heel boots. This is a silhouette favorite of the ’70s and it’s flattering for every shape. Look for a pair of mid to high waist jeans with a flat front and flared legs. The stacked heel boots help elongate your legs, but still look casual enough for daily wear. Start with a classic pair of jeans like AG JEANS Ballad Bootcut with the French Connection Linds Tassel Stacked Heel Boots. Already own dark jeans? Go for cords in a rich autumn hue. These J Brand Bella Flare Cords are perfect for adding a rust tone to your wardrobe for fall.

2. Invest in a good white shirt. Hutton is a major fan of the classic white shirt and sports it with everything from jeans to denim and suede skirts. This Equipment Kenton Basic Shirt is the look you’re going for. You want some structure to the shirt, but enough movement that you can dress it down as well. Try tucking in a classic white shirt into a button-up skirt with a soft A-line shape. This Forever 21 Buttoned Chambray A-line Skirt works for day thanks to the midi length or go for a dressier look with the Forever 21 Buttoned Suede Skirt.

3. Finish with a casual bag. No matter what she’s wearing Hutton’s style is effortless. A bag that goes with the overall Hutton aesthetic is the Burberry Brit Hobo. The sumptuous leather works with any denim, flannel, floaty cotton or cords when channeling Lauren Hutton’s iconic style.






Fantastic Fringe

August 11th, 2015 by

forever 21 model wearing fringe fashion and trends fringe

Ladies, we all knew a Cart like this was coming! Fringe is here to stay and is amazing in every way. Let loose and add fringe to you outfit! Fringe can be found in bags, shoes, clothes, and jewelry! My fringe Cart is full of items from our supported stores such as Bloomingdales, Forever 21, Neiman Marcus and so much more! Don’t forget that Mavatar automatically applies coupons and discounts to eligible items so shopping involves more fun and saving!

Fringe is great because it draws attention from everyone and adds an effortless, comfortable personality to your look! Fringe has been featured on fashion shows such as Project Runway and has continued to get positive reviews from fashion editors and celebrities. Fringe is originated from Native American style and since, has evolved to a more modern look.

I believe that Fringe looks amazing on a jacket or shirt. A camel vest really hones in on the traditional Native American style, but adds a fashionable aesthetic with its cut and length. Fringe is even added to leather jackets to make the jacket less grungy, and more stylish!

Bags are becoming more and more fringed as the seasons go by. Frye has a fringe drawstring shoulder bag that flows nicely when you walk and hangs beautifully when standing in the crowd. Bags are great for fringe because many bags tend to look similar, but different color fringe and fabrics can really make a bag unique.

Fringe is starting to make an appearance on shoes and I love it. Nothing says fun like a pump with fringe hanging from the back! Boots also have fringe on them and I think it’s awesome. With fringe on your boots, you add a very modern, Native American style without having to do too much.

Jewelry is taking inspiration from fringe by making pearls, diamonds, and earrings have a fringe aesthetic. Fringe jewelry around the neck hangs beautifully and takes away empty space when wearing a low cut top. Earrings with fringe always give off a more elegant feel and provide class to a look.

With the entire fringe trend happening in fashion, it’s time for you to get in on the fun and fringe up your life!

Score Something Blue For the Big Day

August 10th, 2015 by


“…and something blue.” It’s the finishing touch for many brides. If you’re the mother of the bride, the maid of honor or the bride herself, you’ll want to check out our Something Blue Cart. Stocked with all of the something blues that will give her comfort on her special day, our Cart has a something blue at all price ranges, which means every bride will find her perfect piece.

Try blue underthings. Many designers are creating bra, panty and garter sets specific for wedding day with touches of blue ribbon or rhinestones. Remember to take support into account when choosing a bra. We love the Heidi Klum Intimates Luna del Miel Longline Bra. The smooth lace overlay and versatile straps means you can wear the bra with any neckline and the long line shape creates structure. For something simple, check out the Hanky Panky I Do Low-Rise Thong, which has become a staple for many brides. They are smooth under any style of wedding dress and are perfect for the honeymoon.

Go for blue jewels. For those who want blue jewelry, there are plenty of options from costume pieces to fine jewels. The beauty of something blue jewelry is you can choose from frosty pale blue topaz to rich sapphire shades. An open or strapless neckline will look fantastic with the Carolee Uptown Girl Cushion Frontal Necklace. It hits right at the clavicle, which creates a beautiful look in photos. If you’re gifting the something blue and want something she’ll wear beyond her wedding day, check out the Ippolita Rock Candy London Blue Topaz & 18K Yellow Gold Ring. It’s a simple style she can wear often and remember the special occasion.

Remember Carrie’s blue shoes? Who could forget Carrie Bradshaw’s posh vintage suit and blue satin Manolo Blahnik pumps as she married Mr. Big in the court house? We sure haven’t. Get the look for less with the Bagley Mischka Open Toe D’Orsay Blossom Evening High Heels. The shoes pop with a tea length dress or an extravagant gown with a long train.

4 Instant Updates for Your Office Wardrobe

August 7th, 2015 by


In a workwear rut? We feel ‘ya! Our latest Cart is packed with instant updates that will take your office wardrobe to new heights. Iffy about expanding your office gear? No worries — we have several classic office pieces every woman should own, so be sure you peruse the Cart for subtle pieces that will maximize what you already own.

A juicy red bag. While the phrase pop of color is grossly overused in the fashion world, there’s something to be said for a bright cheery bag that ups the style quotient of any outfit. The Elizabeth and James Cynnie Mini Crossbody bag isn’t mini at all. It’s roomy enough for an iPad mini, your wallet, phone and a few beauty essentials. Plus, you can easily pop it on cross-body style for double fisting iced coffee runs at 3 p.m.

Grab a tweed jacket. The tweed jacket is typically associated with a certain French fashion house and the price tag is well out of our budget. Grab the style with a structured tweed jacket from a contemporary label like the Alice + Olivia Kidman Cropped Metallic Tweed Blazer Jacket. It’s a modern take on the classic and perfect for the work place. Pro tip: pop it over a sleeveless jumpsuit to add versatility to your favorite going-out one-piece.

Go for a wrap cardigan. A basic cardigan can sometimes look dowdy depending on the fit. The beauty of the wrap cardigan is the tie-detail means it’s always flattering. We love the Diane Von Furstenberg Kyla Plaid Tie-Waist Cardigan. The funky print dresses up solid separates and it works as a jacket or top.

Try some fresh pleats. Once upon a time, pleated skirts created a juvenile look. With the rise of the midi length skirt, pleats are streamlined and crisp, making them perfect for the office. This Aquilano Rimondi Pleated Dress has a sleek bodice and midi length hem. Top it with a structured jacket (or wrap cardigan!), add a bright pump and you’ll be the rising fashion plate on your floor.

Summer Tank Tops: Tank Tops All Summer Long

August 6th, 2015 by



As summer is coming to an end, we cannot forget the essential summer item that everyone needs: tank tops. Its simplicity and versatility allows one to easily match it with most summer outfits. While certain outfits require a certain degree of formality, tank tops can be worn during lazy summer days, pool parties and nights out with friends.

Everyone wants to make use of the nice summer weather and what better way to be comfortable than to wear a nice fitting tank top. Enjoy that nice summer warmth and the breeze that accompanies it. Winter is long gone and you better not be wearing layers this time of the year. The tank top is no doubt an easy yet awesome go-to outfit for the summer.

Matching tank tops with shorts, skirts, etc. is definitely a great way to look great during this time of the year. Add in a pair of flats or flip flops and you are basically all set for your day! Are you heading to the beach or visiting Miami? Make sure to look awesome in your pictures with the great scenery and weather in your favorite tank top.

This cart contains tank tops from different stores such as Athleta, Banana Republic, Forever 21, H&M, etc. and you can definitely use this to get ideas on what types of tank tops match your own style. Stay awesome and look chic for the rest of the summer! Remember, Fall is looming around the corner and you wouldn’t want to miss out on perhaps the best season of the year!

Romance Appreciation Month: Gifts for Her

August 5th, 2015 by

romance appreciation month gifts for her bags jewelry love hearts forever 21 mavatar

Valentine’s day isn’t the only time of the year when you can show your loved one your appreciation! August marks the official Romance Appreciation Month, which means that it’s the perfect time to spoil your other half. Lucky for you, we did all the work and put together the best gifts we could find, ranging from $1 to $4500!

We have tons of choices when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Heart and love themed bags are the best gift for any handbag lover, and this Romance Appreciation Month designers like Edie Parker and Les Petits Jouers really have us covered!

glittering heart edie parker clutch bag romance appreciation month mavatar love bag les petits jouers mavatar romance appreciation month2 love bag les petits jouers mavatar romance appreciation month


Of course Mavatar also has a ton of great Romance Appreciation Month themed jewelry, that ranges from your classic gold necklaces, to funky Juicy Couture Earrings. A lot of these are on sale, so don’t miss out!

belly button ring kiss lips gold red jewelry love romance appreciation month mavatar juicy couture earrings heart crown gold dangling love romance appreciation month mavatar gold heart necklace kohl's romance appreciation day love gifts mavatar


Don’t forget that Mavatar applies all relevant coupons! You can see the coupons in My Savings on Mavatar, or just shop away and Mavatar will do all the work automatically. Currently, there are tons of great coupons for stores like Forever 21, and we certainly have many Romance Appreciation Month items you can save on!

100 percent in love with you graphic tee grey forever 21 model love romance appreciation month gifts mavatar black white heart print t shirt forever 21 redhead model fashion romance appreciation month gifts love mavatar kiss lips stickers forever 21 gold pink love romance appreciation month gifts mavatar


Shop these and more Romance Appreciation Month Gifts for her picks in the Cart below!